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Lawyers Who Handle Sexual Harassment Issues for Employees in Los Angeles

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How Los Angeles Sexual Harassment Lawyers Help Employees Fight for Their Rights

As an employee in Los Angeles, you have the right to work in a place free from sexual harassment of all forms. You have the right to feel safe at work, knowing that you will not face any acts of sexual harassment. If your employer refuses to provide this type of workplace, you have a right to contact a Los Angeles sexual harassment lawyer to help you fight for your rights.

A Los Angeles sexual harassment lawyer that has experience helping employees will be able to advise you throughout the entire process to get the justice you deserve. They will be able to determine if you have a case, the value of your case, and how to file your case. Learn more about the benefits of working with a Los Angeles sexual harassment lawyer.

What Is Sexual Harassment in the Workplace?

Sexual harassment occurs when an employee, job applicant, or intern is subjected to unwanted sexual comments, unwanted physical contact, or unwanted sexual advances. It can come from anyone within the workplace, including supervisors, managers, vendors, customers, and coworkers.

Sexual harassment can occur as a quid pro quo claim. In these situations, a supervisor, manager, or employer promises you advances in the workplace in exchange for sexual acts. Quid pro quo sexual harassment can also result in retaliation or getting fired from work if you refuse your boss’s advances.

Sexual harassment can also create a hostile work environment. A hostile work environment occurs when you can no longer function at work due to acts of sexual harassment. You may feel intimidated and humiliated. As a result, you may find it impossible to work in the same environment going forward.

Why Should You Contact a Los Angeles Sexual Harassment Lawyer?

If you were the victim of sexual harassment in New York City, you would want to contact a New York City sexual harassment lawyer. However, working in Los Angeles means California laws, Los Angeles laws, and federal laws will control your case. Therefore, you should work with a Los Angeles sexual harassment lawyer.

Sexual harassment cases have many variables. Depending on the situation surrounding your claim, you may want to file your claim under state laws instead of federal law. Therefore, you need a Los Angeles sexual harassment lawyer to help you determine the best laws suited for your claim and deal with the legalities associated with filing your claim under those laws.

As an employee, you need an attorney to help you stand up for your rights against your employer in court. While you can choose to fight your case on your own, you will certainly miss certain opportunities and deadlines necessary to fight a successful legal battle.

A Los Angeles sexual harassment lawyer can be your trusted confidant and fierce advocate. They can help give you a voice when your employer has fought so hard to silence you. They can ensure you get the justice you deserve when you need it most.

When Should You Contact a Los Angeles Sexual Harassment Lawyer?

Workplace sexual harassment claims must get filed within specific deadlines to have their day in court. Therefore, you cannot wait too long to contact a Los Angeles sexual harassment lawyer. The federal laws in Los Angeles require you to file your claim within 300 days of the last incident of sexual harassment. Therefore, you must contact your sexual harassment lawyer early on to ensure you do not miss the opportunity to file your claim under federal law.

However, California law provides you with three years to file a claim for sexual harassment in the Los Angeles workplace. This extended statute of limitations does not mean you should wait to contact an attorney. However, it does give you a little more time to get your thoughts together before contacting your sexual harassment lawyer in Los Angeles.

What Can You Expect from Your Los Angeles Sexual Harassment Claim?

There is no guarantee in any legal battle. However, with the help of a qualified Los Angeles sexual harassment lawyer, you can expect a valiant fight for justice.

Your lawyer will reach out to your employer before they even file your claim to attempt to settle your case. They will attempt to negotiate a settlement with your employer from the moment you agree to file your claim and throughout the entire legal process. Their goal is to help you get justice as quickly as possible.

However, you can also expect your sexual harassment lawyer to be ready and willing to go to trial if necessary. You can expect them to put their best foot forward when they go to trial. They will help you tell your story the way it deserves to be told. As a result, you will feel well represented.

If you need a qualified Los Angeles sexual harassment lawyer to help you fight your employer for justice, the Derek Smith Law Group can help. Call them today at (310) 602-6050 for a free consultation.

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