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Dynamics 365 Marketing: Addressing the Challenges of the Digital Age

by dynamicssquare
Dynamics 365 Marketing

In the midst of digital transformation, marketing has evolved and transformed more than any other business area. Given the constant changes in the market and consumer behavior, accentuated by the global pandemic, companies face increasingly diverse objectives and must expand the roles oriented to marketing and its maximum exponent, the CMO. For this reason, Microsoft Dynamics 365 Marketing is the comprehensive solution that gives you a consistent and differential experience.

Today’s CMOs need to focus and connect their businesses to the customer, be creative across myriad channels while planning for revenue growth and executing a complex innovation agenda. They must lead and manage change, be resilient and respond to ever-evolving business patterns.

It may sound overwhelming, but there has never been a better time to be a CMO. There are myriad rising expectations that provide new opportunities for consumers, new channels offer more options to interact and sell, advanced analytics provide more actionable and targeted insights, and technological innovations enable rapid and personalized product development. The capabilities of the new CMO need to diversify and meet expectations for growth, innovation, and analytics.

In such a competitive market, differentiating yourself from other organizations is an ongoing challenge. Marketing actions must meet the demand of customers with more power than ever and the marketing department must ensure that operations are efficient and profitable for the company, keeping up with technological innovation. For this reason, delving into intelligent solutions translates into greater competitiveness for businesses in the current scenario.

In this sense, connecting the dots between strategy and business goals translates into effective marketing . Identifying target customers, fine-tuning the company’s growth strategy and value propositions, and developing marketing plans and campaigns that connect with customers and drive brand and business results is imperative.

To captivate customers, it is necessary to go back to the origins and really get to know them to improve their experience. Specific technological solutions such as Artificial Intelligence provide a complete image of the profile of each client , which will allow any company to design a fully personalized communication and anticipate future demands to guarantee the return on investment.

The value of organizations today lies in their ability to produce and manage valuable information in an innovative way. The most disruptive technologies offer endless opportunities to take a step forward in personalization, automation and advanced analytics. So it’s time for dynamic, actionable targeting to optimize campaigns and deliver a great experience to our customers at every step of their customer journey.

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Microsoft Dynamics 365 Marketing manages operations in an agile and simple way

Through Microsoft Dynamics 365 Marketing and Adobe Marketing Cloud it is possible to integrate your company’s marketing processes, content and data to reach your customers on any channel in a connected way and with the right messages and offers.


  • Personalized Customer Journeys: guide the journey of your potential customers based on their past interactions to adapt the offer and increase the probability of purchase.
  • Generate more leads: design omnichannel campaigns through email, social networks, landing pages, web, phone calls, personal events, etc. to get more potential customers.
  • 360º view of the customer: Provides a new understanding of the customer to obtain a complete view of the consumer throughout the entire marketing and sales cycle.
  • Make better informed decisions: maximize the ROI of your actions using dashboards with preconfigured ratios and marketing analytics or easily create your own reports with multiple data sources.
  • Improve the profitability of your investment: reduce management costs and optimize the use of resources thanks to a scalable platform that adapts to the specific needs of the company and offers all the functionalities in a single space.


From Dynamics Square we invite you to access our complete cycle of webinars on marketing where you can find the essential keys to establish a strategic direction, develop marketing skills and connect with your customers thanks to Dynamics 365 Marketing.

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