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Zinc and Bodybuilding – Does it Affects Muscle Gain Results?

by bigandrippeduk
Zinc and Bodybuilding

Zinc along with other minerals like sodium, magnesium, iron etc, is an essential mineral that our body relies upon for a strong immunity and metabolism. It is the catalyst that regulates the functioning of enzymes and father insurance the overall health and protection half human body.

Also is not synthesise inside the body. Hence we need to take it through food and supplements. For a normal person as well as someone who is up to bodybuilding, sports and High Intensity Physical Training, also need this mineral at a crucial level.

Here in this article we will tell you everything about importance of Zinc for Bodybuilding, sources, effects, side effects and all. Continue reading.


Zinc – An Essential Mineral

Zinc is one of the essential minerals that cannot be produce by our body but are very important to maintain its overall health there are lots of foods like meat fish selfish spinach mushroom nuts that supply zinc to early.

Human body needs 11 mg of zinc per day.  Only this pinch-full amount is a store house of power that boosts up nervous system, metabolism and immune system. People who are involve in rigorous physical training activities like sports and bodybuilding do need this proper amount for this very purpose.

Now, how does this little amount does the magic?  Let’s take a look.


How Does Zinc Work on the Body?

Zinc is vital for enzymes in your body that perform everything from maintaining immune function to defending against free radicals, atoms that can damage living cells.

Zinc also assists enzymes such as carbonic anhydrase and carboxypeptidase, which remove carbon dioxide produced by your body. It can also help maintain healthy testosterone levels in men. As well as nerve cells and synapses, zinc plays an important role in metabolism as well.

The protein it regulates is called Brain Derived Neurotrophic Factor (BDNF), which is vital for normal nervous system function.

Insufficient zinc may result in cognitive deficits such as reduce memory capacity and may even result in depression. When the body has to do all these things, it’s easy to see why zinc deficiency can cause havoc.


Benefits of Zinc

Here are some of the benefits that you can get after getting sufficient zinc.

  1. Regulate vital enzymes- Zinc helps the enzyme which are responsible for boosting up metabolism.
  2. Zinc for making lean muscles– It regulates hormones as well as protein stability which are needed to build lean muscle. So Zinc for bodybuilding, is a must have.
  3. For immunity- Zinc helps activate some of the white blood cells which are able to fight bacteria, virus and fungal entry in the body. It also helps in controlling of free radicals.
  4. For bone health- It plays a vital role in the building of collagen tissues that protect bone. Therefore, for sports persons, Zinc is very important to maintain their bone strength.
  5. The BDNF thing- There happens to be a protein called Brain Derived Neurotropic Factor, the construction of which is helped by zinc. In this way, zinc is works as a  catalyst in the manufacturing of neurone cells and improve mental growth and health.
  6. Repairing and recovery- As Zinc works as a catalyst in muscle building, it is very important when post workout your body tends to recover from muscle injury.
  7. The VO2MAX booster- Your capacity to supply oxygen to your muscles for an overall performance during workout is called VO2 Max. Zinc triggers this capacity and enhances your performance.

After acknowledging this vital tasks that Zinc performs, you must have been persuaded well what importance zinc has for a human’s health.

Therefore, when to take zinc bodybuilding should be assured everyday and for this, we must considered the sources of Zinc.


 Sources of Zinc

Our body cannot synthesise zinc that is why it is an essential mineral we can supply kit it through Zinc Rich Foods items and synthetic health supplements broadly speaking we can divide used to two categories:-


Primary Sources:-

Food items such as meat, fish, eggs, beef are full with the goodness of zinc. People who are vegan or vegetarian can also complete the need of zinc through spinach, mushroom and different types of nuts.


Secondary Sources:-

Health supplements in the form of powder or capsules or pills fall under this category. The best one of them is ZMA.

ZMA (Zinc Monomethionine Aspartate) helps to supplicate the need in three ways:-

  • Zinc- Obviously regulating more than 300 enzymes of the both, boosting immunity, metabolism, muscle building, bone health etc.
  • Magnesium – Regulates energy creation, muscle and nervous function.
  • Vitamin B6- A water soluble vitamin that helps in building new neurotransmitters and nutrients supply.

Therefore, ZMA a proves to be the best Zinc supplement for bodybuilding.

Meanwhile, we must not forget that a fixed amount of any nutrient or mineral is sufficient for our body. If the limit exceeds it can cause various troubles and side effects such as a case with zinc also let’s take a look  into the matter.


 Are There Any Side Effects of Zinc?

Reaching the limit of 300 MG zinc per day is the pinnacle which can cause lots of troubles like cramps, nausea, committing, dehydration. The limit which is advisable is between 50 mg zinc bodybuilding.

A common person with a normal health and minimal exercises can take up to 11 to 25 mg of zinc. For bodybuilders the limit can exceed to 100 mg zinc per day bodybuilding. Exceeding this limit is a big NO.



So we discussed the magic effect of this essential mineral Zinc and Bodybuilding strength and health. Not only for daily functioning but Zinc is also vital element for bodybuilders, sports persons and people who do hard physical labour.

We found that it can be supply through food and other health supplements, and keeping in mind about the effects and side-effects, we can choose the limit as per our need.

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