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What Can be the Reasons for a Bad T-shirt Design?

by elitecocoa
What Can be the Reasons for a Bad T-shirt Design?
The font selection can also tell how a design of funny t shirts for men gets viewed, and it may also convey certain ideas or inspire actions that are not necessarily intended.

Saying no to an attractive t shirt is tougher! It’s no surprise that personalized, funny t shirts make excellent gifts. They are versatile and are also utilized by businesses as promotional materials, staff giveaways, or to build a sense of teamwork among personnel.

So, what actually leads to a fantastic shirt design? What differentiates the attractive and funny t shirts that people want to frequently again?

Simpler and gentle designs are the best ones. However, even the most simple ones have to accomplish a few things in the right manner and avoid the common blunders to be the best.

When designing a personalized t-shirt, there are a few of the most common blunders you must avoid at all costs!

1.Sizing & Placement

The main agenda is to choose the size as per the design’s characteristics and the garments’ types. It has to be given substantial consideration.

According to the design’s shape, it may even appear a bit larger than it has to be. Circular or squares, for example, appear nicer when they have a smaller size than usual.

Another aspect worth considering while designing funny t shirts for men and women is whether a single size is a perfect fit for all. You may choose a smaller print size for the miniature goods, like the youngsters and ladies, as per your apparel’s size range and the order’s size. Another factor worth considering is the garment’s or the product’s style that has to be printed.

Print placement refers to the exact measurement of where the design of funny t-shirts for women has to be printed.

Your t shirt design may also prove out to be spectacular, but heads will surely turn to the wrong side with an incorrect placement. For example, a belly print is a blunder that never proves to be flattering.

2.Fonts & Typography

Typography refers to the written word’s visual representation. It is not just the text that plays an essential role, but typography does too, especially when the text is shown.

When concerning the design, typography refers to the way of logically organizing or typesetting, selecting fonts, getting a proper spacing for lines and letters, and ensuring that there is an attractive interaction with the graphical aspects.

The font selection can also tell how a design of funny t shirts for men gets viewed, and it may also convey certain ideas or inspire actions that are not necessarily intended.

Standard fonts are useful for numerous purposes. There are several instances of designs with fonts beginning with “A” or “B,” simply showing that you haven’t spent much time while researching. Thus, always consider your alternatives!

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Every t shirt design has the attributes concerning each other, and the resultant composition comprises these.

What makes up a properly designed composition is just about the opinions. However, following some prominent composition guidelines can significantly enhance a t shirt design. If you wish to enhance the game of composing for yourself, numerous tools are available online.

Placing the parts too far or closer than usual is a typical blunder. In contrast, the text may also be wrongly read, which must be avoided in any situation.

Put more endeavors into the chosen composition and spend more time in designing the funny t shirts if you work with several pieces. Show it to people and take their opinions and feedback too for improvements.

4.Quality of Image

A common issue is that images are frequently “poor resolution.” They lack the required pixel details to ensure the required quality and for a suitable print.

Web images are mostly smaller. They usually have a 72 dpi size and not printed at maximum size. Photos must have a 200 dpi resolution or above.

Another problem with low-resolution photographs is they get more compressed, often several times, and have noticeable artifacts of compression. Until you are zooming in, you won’t get to see such artifacts.

The vector’s resolution is irrelevant as they scale properly to several sizes without hampering the quality. PDF, AI, SVG, and EPS files are some file-type examples for vectors.

Another significant issue is capturing photographs of photographs that hamper the quality o the image. No doubt, there will be flaws, such as uneven cropping, blurriness, and graininess.

5.Colors & Contrast

Color selections are essential for designing and making sure that the task fits your budget if you are using the technique of screen printing. Colors must be selected and taken into consideration from the starting phase of designing. Colors may also affect people differently. The advertisers are well aware of it, and you should also be cautious about.

It’s often tempting to utilize multiple colors to ensure more vibrant and funny t shirts for men and women, but this may also backfire. If you utilize more colors, your t shirt design may prove out to be unattractive because of the increased clashing.

Based on your needs for an official logo or depicting an image properly, there will usually be an optimal quantity of colors used or a narrow spectrum for you to chose. If you meet your t shirt design aim with fewer colors, it’ll be frequently worn, far more than if it contained numerous rainbow colors.

Contrast is another essential element of the process of color choosing, and it is also a significant element to consider. It refers to the visual contrast degree between the image’s shadierand brighter areas or how color tones relate to each other.

White on black or vice versa will surely provide the highest contrast. Of course, dark colors over a bright background will have great contrast.

The goal is not to consistently achieve the highest possible contrast. Prints with lower contrast are prominent as they have a delicate appearance. However, there’s a thin line between no-contrast and low-contrast, thus you must be cautious.


Inversion is a regular activity that has to be completed, mainly when printing white ink on black clothes.

It’s not always apparent whether something should or shouldn’t be flipped. The negative image has to be converted to a positive image, which often necessitates the addition of a white outline.


The human eye is only capable of processing certain amount of details at once, and with a T-shirt design, you have a limited viewing time and a shifting target. Thus, you must keep that easier!

People sometimes get carried away while trying to be innovative or creative, employing strange angles and compositions, and making a jumbled mess with their design.

Other times, the complexity is due to the design’s nature or the quantity of colors used. You don’t want for the people to work too hard in finding out what’s on your tee.

8.Masks, Edges, and Borders

A photo on a shirt with plain edge can seem boring.

When it is about the edges and borders, you have several possibilities. A thinner black or white border is the most primary and can instantly enhance the appearance.

Alternatively, you may also use a frame, having a thick border with ornate features or beveled edges.

Consider your topic very well. You may want an attractive and pleasing frame in certain cases. However, you may wish to have the edges that are distressed if it’s a tougher, mudder competition.

The Final Words

A “knock out” refers to the instance when the background is completely chopped out of the image, letting the subject to have a center stage. This can make a huge difference, mainly if the background contains some unwanted items.

Hopefully, you understand the frequent blunders to avoid now for a t shirt design and are ready to design fantastic, funny t shirts. Explore some designs of t-shirts in Printshop.

Have fun designing!

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