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What are the Minimum and Maximum Bets in Roulette?

by mohitsingh

The roulette table is the only casino game with a wheel, making it stand out from the rest. When playing roulette, it’s important to understand the rules, so you aren’t caught off guard. The rules are forthright, and the gameplay is simple to grasp.

We’ll also go over numerous roulette game bets and variations and discuss the maximum and minimum bets. When playing online roulette in online casinos, knowing these roulette game rules can boost your chances of winning.

Why is it necessary to know the rules of roulette?

Other players and the dealer are not your competitors in a roulette game. You’re betting on the number that you believe will win. The game begins with placing a bet on the number on which the ball will rest. There’s no way of knowing which number the ball will land on. You’re relying on your intuition, and good luck. Once the ball is released, the movement of the ball determines your odds of winning. If luck is on your side, you’ll win.

Rules and variations of roulette

Different roulette versions exist, each with its set of roulette rules. Listed and explained below are the versions it consists of:

  • European Roulette 

The majority of roulette tables in the world are of the European variety. It is distinguished by a 37-number wheel running from 0 to 36. The betting options are straightforward and presented in English. It boasts a 97.30% RTP (Return to Player).

  • Lightning Roulette 

Lightning Roulette is a European roulette variation in which straight-up bets are multiplied by an extra multiplier (up to 500x). You can get a 30:1 payoff on a typical straight-up bet. 

  • French Roulette

Its wheel, like the European version, contains 37 numbers. The main difference is that two new game rules – La Partage and En Prison – have been included. The Return to Player (RTP) for French roulette may be as high as 98.65%.

  • The Rule of La Partage: When the ball lands on zero, it triggers a rule that applies to even money bets. The wagers are split in half, half going to the player and the other half going to the casino.
  • The Rule of En Prison: It’s a variation on La Partage: if the ball lands on zero and you bet even money, you get to choose between En Prison and La Partage. When En Prison happens, the money you have betted will be available for the next spin. If luck favors you and you win, the previous round’s bet will be refunded.
  • American Roulette 

The double zero, which is on the opposite side of the single zero, contains 38 numbers. This version of roulette has a Return to Player (RTP) of only 94.74 percent.

Place your roulette bets with the guidance of these instructions:

You may place large bets on roulette casino games, split into different categories: inner and outside bets. 

Inside bets  

These bets are placed in the center of the Roulette table. You can bet straight on a number, giving you the highest possible payout. You can also bet on six different types of inside bets:

Straight Up Odds – 35/1

Split Odds – 17/1

Street Odds – 11/1 

Trio Odds – 11/1

Corner Odds – 8/1

Six-Lane Odds – 5/1

Depending on the sort of roulette game you’re playing, online casinos will have their maximum and minimum bet limits set out for Inside and Outside bets.

Outside Bets 

Outside bets are used to capture a large portion of the wheel, which gives you a better chance of winning but a lesser payout.

A player can choose to make only an inside bet, only an outside bet, or both. The choice is not limited to one only. However, if the player chooses to make both sorts of bets, he or she must reach both minimums.

Roulette rules for minimum and maximum bets

There is a limit to the total amount of money you may bet on a given roulette table when playing roulette. Therefore, when playing online roulette, look for a table on the website that shows the minimum and maximum bet limits. Remember, to view the bet limit; you must first launch the game.

What are the minimum bets?

It is important to understand the minimum bet before placing your bet. If you’re new at roulette, start with a small amount to keep your risk under control as you learn the rules. The minimum bet varies at every casino, but it usually falls between Rs. 8 and Rs. 200.

What are the maximum bets?

You can choose to play with the maximum bet if you are an experienced roulette player. The maximum bet varies depending on the online casino games.

You may play both low bets and high bets in online roulette, and the minimum and highest bet limits allowed in each game vary significantly from game to game and casino to casino.


We hope to have given you a brief about Casino games and their pertaining rules. This is a luck-based game that involves a lot of mental calculations and strategies to know the pattern of the Roulette game.

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