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V3cube Mobile App Development: Step by Step Guide for 2022

by felicacarroll
Mobile App Development

For Starters, people will say why V3Cube Mobile App Development? Well, it is because an On-Demand Mobile App Development Company like V3Cube offers the best Development Process in the entire World. Their Apps always include Value-Driven Services for your Customers. Cannot believe it?

V3Cube’s KINGX 2022 is a newly Launched App that is very similar to the Original Indonesian Gojek App. However, V3Cube has made it World’s Biggest and the most Perfect App. It includes 70+ On-Demand Services that are clubbed together into 7 Major Components inclusive of Taxi Booking, On-Demand Delivery, Service Providers On-Demand, Parcel Delivery, Delivery Genie, and Delivery Runner. Besides, there are Two New Components:

  • Online Video Consultation with Professionals like Doctors, Lawyers, Academic Tutors, Yoga Instructors, etc.
  • Service Bidding wherein the Service Providers like Plumbers, Home Painters, Electricians, etc. can bid for the Task!


If a Smart Entrepreneur is willing to Launch the Design, Code, Perfect the App, Beta-Test, and Market-Test it in 7 Days. Then, pals, it is next to impossible! Therefore, Building the App from Scratch can be scribbled off the List as it takes nearly 7 – 8 Years to Launch the App. But, with a Ready-Made Solution like Gojek Clone App KINGX 2022, things can get pretty sorted out. How?

Let’s See!


Here’s the App Development Process that V3Cube follows to offer the Best Products to their Global Clientele in the Shortest Possible Time.

Step 1: Try their Demo Apps

The Good News is, unlike other App Development Companies, V3Cube offers a FREE trial of their Demo Apps. These Demo Apps are the exact replications of how your App will look and work. This helps the App Owner to ensure that they only get what they’re looking for.

The Gojek Clone App Owner can use the Demo Apps for as long as they want until they get completely satisfied and want to Purchase the entire Clone Script.

Step 2: Tell your App Customization Requirements

If you’ve finally decided to Purchase the App, the next step is to tell your App Customization Needs to V3Cube’s Technical Project Manager. It is only then that they can start developing the App according to your Business Needs and deliver it in 7 Days!

Step 3: Review and Approve the Developed Applications

After the White-label App Development Company has developed the Apps for you, you can check and review them. The Apps are available on the Firm’s Development Server. Once the Entrepreneurs check the Apps, Reviews, and approve them, the Technical Team will move ahead to the Concluding Steps of this Process!

Step 4: Launching the App

The Last Step is to launch the App on Play Store and App Store. Once the Entrepreneur has approved the Apps, the Technical Team will use the Login Details of the App Owner and Launch it on the App Stores.

Isn’t launching a Business like Gojek easy?


So, now that you know the entire Mobile App Development Process, it is time to contact V3Cube. You too can launch the App in a Week and become an Entrepreneur in the blink of an eye.

Stand the chance to star on the Cover Page of the Forbes Magazine of the Most Successful Millionaires of 2022! Grab the Golden Opportunity now!

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