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Truth About Fallen Angels That You Should Know

by Ashish123
fallen angels

The fallen angel’s holy beans that have succumbed to St but how and why did the idea of fallen angels even come about the first place here’s the untold truth, fallen angels.

Fallen angels are basically angels that have given up on the good and righteous path and turned to evil right well not necessarily it’s true that Jewish and Christian traditions believe that fallen angels were originally just as holy as any of the other angels.

But spell when the most beautiful of them Lucifer decided to rebel and enticed others to go with it but in Hindu traditions. Also, Read- 737 Angel Number

It’s a little different they believe the creator god Brahma actually made some jelly beans good and some people from the very beginning why?

Because it’s meant to illustrate the natural order of things in balance in the universe and Paul angels don’t even exist in Islam.

Another explanation for Satan

Where tradition says that all angels are good including the ones tasked with overseeing those whose evil souls have landed them and helping these angels are lording over hell.

Yes, but they aren’t falling as they are still doing to find work there is another explanation for Satan there too and it basically says he’s not an angel he’s a jet a creature made from fire and free,

will Not because of me more about this pesky free will stop later historically those who believe in fallen angels typically have believed them to be responsible for things like tempting mortals and dissent.

Fallen angels are tricky about it too sometimes masquerading as good angels as they tormented tapped out of believers know all this well these days most of it comes from the non-canonical book of Enoch.

Which was written about 350 PC the exclaims to be the revelations of Enoch who was taken up to heaven and told the universe’s deepest secrets then shown just what would happen during mankind’s ultimate judgment.

You know shows up in other Texas well which claimed the lives to be 365 years old eventually told these tales to his son Methuselah who lived to be an impressive 969 years old strangely. Also, Read- Melee spell attack 5e

Even though the stories to be knocked were influenced by the mythology of places like Babylon and in turn influence Judaism and Christianity.

The only place that all 100 chapters of the book survived with Ethiopia and among those chapters was a fascinating explanation on fallen angels one of the most widely told tales of fallen angels.

Says it was Lucifer who rebelled against God and brought a bunch of angels down with it but the story told in the book of Enoch is very very different it tells a story of loss according to the book.

Flood angels and humans

You know long before the great flood angels and humans met and mingled pretty commonly and the inevitable happened children those sons and daughters of angels were a race of 450-foot tall giants.

The angel started teaching their giant all spring evil way and god not only in prison then let’s objected them to judgment and set the flood to hit the reset button on his creation.

You know the story says tried to speak on behalf of the angels and their giant children but sadly a lot of the techs.

The missing we do know that you knock was the one god selected to act as an intermediary to the fallen angels instructing him to tell them what their punishment would be for their transgressions.

They were to be condemned to the ends of the earth with any turn India punishment follow early Jewish writers considered you not to be a profit but when Christianity started to adopt this teaching C.

Largely fell out of favor with Judaism. Krister writers took the book of Enoch with them when they converted isolated areas of Ethiopia and the fourth and fifth centuries.

Well, the book of Enoch was lost to the rest of the world it was preserved in Ethiopia and was finally brought back to Europe in 1773 in the meantime though with the book of Enoch to guide them, Christian scholars.

Satan as a fallen angel

Writers had centuries to let their imaginations go wild leading them to the really convoluted origin of Satan as a fallen angel see that’s not actually in the Bible.

But the allusions turn themselves into pretzels tried to explain how Satan exists in the first place the reasoning went like this god created everything in the universe and therefore god created sake.

But the only things god creates are good things so therefore Satan must’ve been good at 1. he also needed to have the free will to turn back but since he clearly wasn’t human.

You must therefore have been a fallen angel clearly the scholars went to the princess bride school of logic and reasoning studying you must’ve learned that man is mortal.

So you would have put the poison as far from yourself as possible so I can clearly not choose the wine in front of me and once more there’s that free will thing.

I worry it’ll come up again according to the book of Enoch the first batch of fallen angels with each responsible for teaching humanity about a specific set as bail for example was responsible for teaching humanity about sex.

So thanks very much for that tell me on the other hand talk to humanity about demons and spirits and then they’re straining Haza who is apparently responsible for that race of giant happy angels those giant super remember led to the imprisonment and punishment of the fall and as well as the great flood.

Which was brought to cleanse their check can’t sense perhaps the strangest fallen angel of all though was an email who is credited with giving mankind something that led to all kinds of people a written language with writing came knowledge and that, of course, is really really bad.

Because it might be too well the big lesson you’re apparently supposed to learn from fallen angels that knowledge and free will are bad and will get you killed so the only way to remain safe is to choose ignorance and obedience funny how that works maybe the biggest.

Book of Enoch

The version the book of Enoch takes from the regular Bible is this depiction of the garden of Eden and all of mankind everyone knows the traditional story from the Bible a serpent’s usually associated with Satan tempts Eve into eating from the tree of knowledge of good and evil as that all knowledge is bad things yet and then boom goodbye nice in October it’s not seeking contempt C.

It’s a fallen angel name got real and this is the jerk who also went on to get humanity weapons and armor and teach us all how to kill each other sounds like Gabrielle has a lot to answer for quick describing fallen angel.

There are probably some scaly bases bat-like wings maybe even some forms or cloven books right maybe a double-check what else but it wasn’t always like that in early Christian art fallen angels look pretty much the same as their older counterparts.

One of the earliest representations of the idea that they were angels and fallen angels opposing each other in that other world the battle is featured in an ancient mosaic in Italy Jesus is in the middle and on one side is an angel and read with some sheep representing the home team.

On the other side of the bad guys up figure thought to be Lucifer or Satan standing with some goats he’s wearing blue which is the color of the dance plus he has got so we know he’s a bad guy but otherwise he doesn’t seem all that bad the music even suggest fallen angels kept their iconic.

He looks which at the time were a symbol of power, not holiness it wasn’t until the Middle Ages that images of fallen angels started turning more grotesque during that time something weird happened creatures from ancient Babylonian tax called little too began to be associated with Adams noncanonical.

First white low at the same time parallels was drawn between Satan and the ancient Canaanite DD Beelzebub and the ancient Roman half goat half man-god of nature in the fourteenth century.

Pop culture influences led Dante

These pop culture influences led Dante to describe Satan as boarding over the depths of hell while sporty back weeks and that in turn influence the seventeenth-century author John Milton describes fallen angels in his work Paradise Lost as the sort of roadie monster.

As we think up today remember those theologians who turn themselves inside out trying to explain how Satan existed well they faced the same issue with the rest of the fallen angels and came up with some typically convoluted explanation until the twelfth-century pride was the typical answer as to why fallen angel spell but that meant god would have had to create something with a crippling all-powerful amount of pride and that didn’t fly so scholars came up with the idea,

that angel had been created with the natural love that allows them to love god themselves and each other it’s the last part that collars in the Middle Ages believe because of the ball of the angels after Lucifer fell.

because his love was a selfish love of power the other angels who fell did so because they loved Lucifer god was largely an absent distant figure after all and Lucifer was their friend rather than condemning themselves the struggle for the acceptance of an unreachable father.

They followed their brother into exile it’s kind of heartbreaking when you think about especially once you add love to free will and knowledge as things too dangerous for mortals to contemplate according to the mirror 0 journals one of the most convoluted bits of theology that grew up around the legend of fallen angels is the way Christian writers used it to excuse and promote the persecution of the LGBTQ community.

Scholars have long debated about whether fallen angels and demons are capable of love with many believing that instead fallen angels are consumed with lust desire to use others for their own ends indeed Christian writers as far back as the apostle Paul himself warned women about the danger of attracting the attention of a lusty fallen angel.

But since they didn’t write anything about fallen angels having lost for members of the wrong gender early scholars decided that meant there was something so fundamentally wrong about the idea that even fallen angels with doing this kind of self-satisfied circular logic was used as an excuse for centuries of persecution.


But still continues today our contemporary view of fallen angels might suggest that they kind of got off easy after although they might be in hell they aren’t exactly at the mercy of the demons there.

Because they kind of is those demons right well not exactly according to the Jewish. S. virtual library the 7 archangels those are the leaders of the good angels.

Who stayed loyal to god help the punishing of the fallen angels among their having the duties each one of the archangels was in charge of particular facets of the otherworldly life Jeremiah for example kept watch over the souls in the underworld.

While Michael protects Israel Gabriel is the overseer paradise and Uriel beats the host they’re the ones with direct access to god and are also in charge of punishing all money shall take us.

Also according to some sources was the one who taught mankind how to make weapons rather than god real according to the walking sticks in the area of angels I was also was punished by Robbie out who put him in chains broom in a pit full of sharp rocks in the middle of the desert and brought the darkness down on him.

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