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Top 3 Mistakes for Turkey Citizenship by Investment in Real Estate

by KingClap
Turkey Citizenship by Investment 

Become a Turkey Citizenship by Investment as one of the most reputable investment companies in Turkey. We have been providing investment and investment advice since January 2015 and have offices in Dubai, Istanbul and Cyprus.

In addition, a simple Turkish citizenship service on Turkey Citizenship by Investment offers a money back guarantee solution. Since 2017, we have launch the first Turkish citizenship through an investment program for our clients.

At the time, investors had to invest at least $ 1 million in real estate to obtain Turkish citizenship. We have complete more than 50 applications and are working hard to reach international investors around the world.

Turkey Citizenship by Investment in Real Estate

On September 18, 2018, it can be found in the following Turkish languages. Real estate investment in Turkey has drop from $ 1 million to $ 250,000. Making Turkey a country with the participation of foreign investors.

Following the decision of President Erdogan, several decisions were announce. The program was implement within the $ 250,000 investment range, and there were numerous requests from foreign investors. 

However, after this decision, many inexperience companies start a new business. Most real estate consultants also start to act as an investment agent for foreigners to acquire citizenship. In Turkey Citizenship by Investment programs for the sale of real estate and earn commissions.

As a result, most fail programs began to occur. Therefore, the main purpose of the investor in selling the wrong asset is to get a passport. When buying the property, because the consultant has no experience. However, they can not get a passport and have the desire property in Turkey. They did not know what to do with it and start contacting us.

We have define more than 10 issues and risks associate with real estate transactions. However, to protect all international investors from their mistakes, I would like to list the top three on these issues.

1- Buying a property from a foreign or foreign investor

Turkish citizenship law explicitly states that in order to obtain citizenship under. Turkish citizenship law through investment, it is necessary to purchase property from Turkish citizens. However, many foreign investors are still in Turkey and continue to invest. Buying property and transferring ownership from a foreigner poses a major problem for citizenship for investment purposes. We all have pre-identify property belonging to Turkey Citizenship by Investment.

2- Buying real estate with unreal value

The second big problem of citizens is real estate investors. They are recommend by the wrong or inexperience consultants. Those who want to sell what they have and their investment do not meet government evaluation criteria. Turkey Citizenship by Investment is an investment consulting firm. We do not own property and we are not a seller of real estate. Base on the customer’s needs and questions, we recommend only a pre-check property list to the customer. If you do not like the item, we will prepare and present a new package to guarantee their investment.

3- Issues related to payment transportation and ownership certificate

The third big issue in the top 10 is remittances, product payment and certificate completion. Clients often receive incorrect payment advice from inexperience consultants or new companies. Persons who have not previously made a successful request. The law requires that all payments be made directly through the customer to the property owner. That the document be transfer on the same day as the transaction at its intrinsic value. That must be done. This is illegal and will not be cover by the program. We will also complete the certificate on the day of application base on the actual value of the certificate.

It is important for us to address this issue in order to help all. Turkish foreign investors to enter the Turkish market safely. Reliable service and cash return Turkey Citizenship by Investment options with real estate investment in Turkey

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