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Tip to Take Care of Lizard Infestation in the House

by Monali Swain
Tip to Take Care of Lizard Infestation in the House

Are you having trouble with lizard infestation in the house? Have you tried tips and tricks by your relative and nothing seems to work anymore? Then, you need to check this piece out.

Lizards can be serious little reptiles that can irritate you to the core. They slowly come to your house and label the place as their own. You can find their marks all over the place in the form of their excreta. They may seem harmless but are they so. They are as dangerous as the mosquitoes that may send you to the hospital.

Dangers associated with them include venomous bites. Not all of them can be venomous but their bites can prove to be dangerous if it is not treated immediately. As their bite can break the skin, it is easy to get infections due to the pathogens that they carry in their mouth. The bacteria that are found in the common house lizards include salmonella. They carry it in their intestines, feces, mouths, etc. This bacteria can cause life-threatening diseases in humans if not treated timely.

The excreta left by these nuisances can be a problem altogether. They leave a stain on the fabric. If they are dropped in the food, they may poison it. This may also spread the bacteria salmonella all over the place.

How to Get Rid of Lizard Infestation in the House?

It is normal to find lizards in Indian houses. There is something or the other that brings them back to the house no matter what you do. The renowned pest control companies in Delhi NCR suggest that one can try natural remedies to keep them off the limits to a certain extent but first you need to treat the place well.

Before trying several pest control DIYs you need to make an appointment with the pest control services. Let them inspect and deal with the problem. Later, you have certain natural remedies in place to avoid their entry into the house. If you are searching for remedies to help you deal with the lizard infestation in the house, then ensure to read the whole piece. Check them out properly.

Naphthalene Balls

Naphthalene balls are said to be an effective way of keeping the pests and lizards away. It is the stringent smell of these balls that make these pests fly away. The main reason for the naphthalene balls to be detested by the lizards is that they keep the bugs away. These bugs are the main food source for the reptiles hence, they stop finding the food and thus leave the premises.

Check Cabinets Regularly

Cabinets are cozy and hidden from the regular vision. This makes the perfect hiding spot for our crawling reptiles. Especially the bathroom cabinets where they can have everything in abundance. From food to water, they can have anything they want. If you find any opening in the bathroom such as a window sill or ventilator, then you must make a way to shut them up. using the newspaper and cardboard sheets, you can get this done effectively.

Peacock Feathers

Having peacock feathers at home also helps. For peacocks the lizards and other reptiles are food and sensing the danger makes the smart lizards keep their distance from the house having their nemesis. So, keep a few peacock feathers in the house. It will not only beautify the place but also keep lizards at bay.


These really work. You need to try this remedy if you want results immediately. Just placing the empty eggshells where the lizards frequent can give you instant relief from the lizard infestation. Clean the eggshells thoroughly with the tissue napkin before placing them. And remember to throw them away after a day or two while replacing them with new ones. most people avoid this as they detest the idea of having eggshells lying around.

Pepper Spray

What is that pepper spray cannot handle? From burglars to pests it can paralyze anything. Lizards are one of those who like to maintain their distance from pepper spray. It can cause some serious burning sensation for the lizards and other pests. If you don’t have pepper spray, then you can also use crushed pepper. You need to add water to it and then use it. The lizards don’t stand a chance against the pepper spray. And if you are using it, don’t forget to wear protective gear while spraying it away from the face.


One of the best remedies to deal with lizard infestation is bleaching. Bleach is known to have multiple properties, and some of them include disinfecting and cleaning properties. Lizards are often attracted to dirty surroundings. You can keep the inside of the house clean but what if the outside of the house is not so well-maintained?

Sprinkling a good deal of bleaching powder can remove the stench from the surrounding. The stringent smell of the bleaching powder may cause breathing issues in the lizards so they try to stay away from the area. Sprinkle the bleaching powder around the perimeter of the house, and keep it that way for a day or two. The lizards will come to a halt as soon as they reach the area. This can cause serious problems in pets and kids so, usage of this remedy should be conducted under the supervision of an expert.


When people have lizards in their house, they automatically associate with the house being unclean. The sight of one lizard is enough to make things come out bad in front of your guests. So, keeping the lizard infestation in check is your prime responsibility. Taking care of the cleanliness of the house is not enough. You need to deal with all the openings and outlets as well. make sure all the cracks and holes are filled in case anyone them decides to return.

If you feel that the infestation is growing out of control, then it will be best to bring a pest control service provider into the picture. They will give the right assessment and appropriate way to deal with this problem.

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