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Things To Know About Hairline Lowering Hair Transplant Treatment

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People with large foreheads often seek treatment which helps them to reduce the size of the forehead. This is known as hairline lowering hair transplant treatment. It is also referred to as a forehead reduction procedure which is done by expert hair surgeons. However, a large forehead might be due to genetic hair loss or surgical reasons. But, it is an important factor to consider that a high hairline could reduce your self-confidence. This might make it difficult for you to have an attractive hairstyle for improving your aesthetics. Therefore, you can undergo this surgery to lower the hairline for achieving your goals.

What You Should Know About The Hairline Lowering Procedure

Many individuals are simply confused to know whether this surgery works to reduce the forehead actually or not. Well, the procedure is not related to reducing the forehead. But, it works to lower the hairline by taking it down. This is surgical treatment as well that involves incisions and stitches etc. So, you must look upon this aspect of the treatment before getting it done. This will make your frontal hairline advance to the new location at the forehead. Mainly, hairline lowering could reduce the distance between your eyebrows and hairline.

Who Can Get This Treatment Done?

A forehead reduction surgery is not fit for everyone because it has some specific qualification requirements. You can only get this treatment if you have a firm hairline at the crown without hair loss. If you have a hair loss history, then you might not be an ideal candidate for this. Furthermore, this treatment requires you to have a flexible scalp. It helps the surgeon to move down the scalp easily. Else, it will be difficult to complete the procedure effectively. Mostly the women are ideal candidates for this surgery as they have proper frontal hairlines than men. No matter, men can too undergo this surgery with having a good hairline and scalp laxity.

Pre-Surgical Instructions For Forehead Reduction

Hairline lowering hair transplant treatment is a popular cosmetic procedure. But, due to its surgical nature, it has some pre-operative instructions to follow. If you are seeking this treatment to achieve a natural-looking hairline, then you must:

Stop taking anti-inflammatory medicines at least before a week to the treatment.

Avoid alcohol as it can thin your blood which can increase the risk of bruising.

Ask the hair surgeon what to eat to strengthen the immunity in order to recover quickly.

Post-Operative Care Tips After Hairline Lowering

After getting this procedure done, the surgeon will stitch the incision to fix it with the hairline. Normally, the scar is inevitable to hide under the hairline. But, it might be visible to some extent after the recovery as well.

  • The procedure can take about 2 hours to complete and seven days for recovery.
  • You should not wash your hair for two days after the procedure.
  • Avoid activities like swimming, running, and exercising for two weeks after treatment.
  • Do not drink alcohol after treatment and avoid taking any blood-thinning medicines.
  • If pain and burning persist after surgery, you can apply an ice pack to the area treated.

What to Expect From Hairline Lowering Hair Transplant Treatment

This is a cosmetic procedure that is performed to lower your hairline surgically. So, the results would depend upon the hairline you have at the front of your head. But, you are expected to get natural-looking results.

Lower The Hairline

The procedure will take place by removing the skin from your forehead making an incision. Generally, it can help you to lower the hairline by about 6 cm. So, this can make a huge difference in the look of your hair.

Leave A Scar

This surgery is suitable for those who have a large forehead. So, it might not be suitable for everyone. Besides, males have less scalp laxity than females, so this could be a hard procedure for men. However, it can produce realistic results but with a linear scar. So, if your body is prone to scarring and cannot heal the scar faster, you should avoid it.

Side Effects

Before getting this surgical procedure, you must keep the possible side effects in your mind. Bleeding, swelling, and pain after the surgery could occur, so you must think before getting it.

Benefits Of Hairline Lowering Surgery

  • You will have a good facial appearance after getting this surgery.
  • This procedure can provide you with instant results once you recover. You will be able to visibly see the distance between brows and hairline.
  • The scar from this surgery can be hidden inside the hairline. However, it could be undetectable unless the hairs are wet.
  • This is an outpatient procedure that can be performed during daytime working hours. You can even return home after getting this procedure done.
  • It is a one-step procedure, so you do not need another session which makes it a cost-effective treatment.

To Sum Up

Getting fue hairline lowering hair transplant treatment can help you achieve a natural hairline close to your brows. This treatment can completely evade the large forehead appearance. The hairline can be lowered by more than 6 cm as well. But, you must seek the medical service of a professional hair surgeon. It will facilitate you to realize finer results. So, consult now with your surgeon and craft a plan for a scalp lowering procedure.

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