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Take Advantage Of Twitter Automation Tools

by smithwilliam

Twitter is one of best source to get traffic to your blog or business, twitter has high volume tweets per second on an average of 5700 tweets and effectiveness of your tweet time is roughly 1 hour , for example if you have a 1000 followers around the world, you have to tweet same message for every 1 hour for 24 hours to reach maximum number of followers.

If we want to get maximum benefit from the Twitter our tweet feed presence has to be there for every one hour with some time gap, we can not spend our total time for Twitter to engage with our followers , if you use it perfectly by knowing the techniques , you can engage with your follower all the time with maximum benefit and Twitter allows automation of your tweets with schedule time, now we will see and take advantage those Twitter automation tools for our success.



Socialoomph is one of the best automation tool for Twitter , it saves you a lot of time by covering all things under one roof, this tool allows multiple Twitter user profiles , it sends customized direct messages to your new followers , sends you daily email digest to manage Twitter mentions if you are managing more than one Twitter profile , Socialoomph search tool helps you to find the right and targeted people to follow as per your requirement, it manages spam DM(direct messages) very smoothly and effectively,you can schedule tweets, finally it provides you analytics and statistics of you Twitter profile like how many clicks, referrals,referral domains, average clicks.


Buffer is another well known Twitter automation tool used by lot of people and it’s presence is everywhere, lot of bloggers use this tool to share their posts, Buffer is available as free and paid version, free version gives you limited 10 tweet schedule per day, if you go by paid version you will get unlimited options for tweet schedule, Buffer allows multiple twitter profiles, buffer gives you different time zones to schedule your tweet, you can easily update, reschedule tweets, Buffer tool available as mobile app, chrome extension, other social media platforms supports Buffer, integration with other network is smooth with buffer, this tool provides you statistics about your tweets, like how many retweets, clicks , favorites, mentions.


Hootsuite is another best tool to automate your tweets, it is one of the first automated tool to support Google plus to schedule posts, another big advantage with Hootsuite is you can manage multiple profiles from single dashboard, you can tweet same message with different profiles at the same time from dashboard, you can add RSS feed of your blog post to Hootsuite and it automatically posts to your social platforms every time you publish a blog post, it also provides the statistics of your tweet’s clicks, retweets, favorites, referrals to you through email , free version gives you limited options to choose and pro version provides all the information you required for your analytics.


Twitterfeed has some pros and cons, user interface is smooth but setting up with your profile is little complicated when compare to the other automation tools and customer support is excellent, they will guide you step by step to setup all your profiles, this tool main advantage is RSS and ATOM feed support , once you add your blog’s RSS & ATOM feed automatically all your published post will be posted to your social media platforms, TwitterFeed also provides you analytics data to analyse your tweet status of retweets,favourites,mentions, because of its complexity only professional bloggers are using it, it is not user friendly.


Tweriod has it’s own strength when it comes to twitter automation tools, it shows you what time you have most exposure of your tweets to your followers, divides total week data into weekdays and weekends, reports you at what time and specific days your followers are online, this data will help you to find out which time and day is best to reach maximum number of your followers, it’s disadvantage is it doesn’t have to feature to schedule your tweet, tweriod recommends buffer to schedule your tweets based on the report, these two are killer combos.

Twaitter ( Gremln.com)

Twaitter automation tool has two unique features as compare with other automation tools, one is “Twanslate” your tweet can be translated into different languages to cater different regions , second one is “Auto Recurring Tweets” this feature is not available on other automation tool services , if you want to repeat same tweet for every week or every month or every alternate day it is possible on Twaitter, but Twaitter doesn’t provide any analytic data for you.


TweetAdder tool is useful to find targeted audience, this tool searches targeted audience of your niche, it allows to know whom to follow, who are not following back after you following them, who are not active and who are unfollowed , this tool also tell you the location of follower to target local business purpose, it schedule tweets, sends DM(direct messages), shows you the analytic data like retweet,mentions, favorites, Tweetadder is premium service.

Conclusion :

All above Twitter Automation tools have their own Unique Selling points, according to your requirement select those tool to simplify your tweeting time for better productivity.  If you are looking to buy twitter accounts in bulk for promoting a business then click here to read more.

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