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Suggested Activities After Knee Replacement Surgery

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We see our grandparents suffering from severe joint pains and other issues. It can be due to the wear and tear of muscle tissues. Or the cartilage of the knee can be damaged or worn. In any case, the movement of the bone causes pain to people as two bones rub together. In general, the cartilage in the knee joint allows for free movement between two bones. However, when it is gone, two bones have to rub against one another during movement, which causes irresistible pain. So, a patient who has arthritis will have difficulty walking, climbing, running, and moving in and out of chairs. Arthroplasty is done to counter these problems. Arthroplasty is the surgical reconstruction and replacement of degenerated joints. It is also known as Knee replacement surgery, where artificial body parts or prosthetics repair a joint. This surgery relieves pain and restores the active functioning of joints. However, to decide whether a knee replacement surgery is required, one has to find the best knee replacement surgeon in Delhi. The best doctor will discuss the issues related to the surgery and inform you of the total knee replacement cost.

Infections, blood clots, and nerve damages are some of the risks of knee replacement surgery. In any case, the best knee replacement surgeon in Delhi will provide guidelines to follow, medications to take, and activities to be performed after a successful surgery. Some of the key activities to be done after a knee replacement surgery are:

Hospital discharge 

Depending on the type and complication of the surgery, the hospital stay may be extended to 3 or 4 days. A patient has to perform these activities during this time to go home. They are

  • Acceptable pain control
  • Getting in and out of bed without help
  • Walking successfully with an assistive device
  • Able to eat, drink, exercise, and go to the bathroom by oneself.

When the patient can do all this without help, the patient is discharged with medications and exercises.

Recovery at home 

Before going home, it is essential to rearrange the furniture and temporarily change the room structure. Remove any throw rugs that may slip. Get a good chair that has a footstool for intermittent leg levitation. Next, when the patient is discharged, he must constantly clean and dry the wound area to avoid infection. Follow the best knee replacement surgeon in Delhi’s advice regarding healing, diet, and medication.

After the surgery, the artificial knee fits in the place of a natural knee. To perform daily activities, the artificial knee has to function properly after the surgery. Exercises and physical activities have to be done by the patient. According to AAOS, physical therapy is recommended for at least 2 hours daily. 

Aerobic exercises 

  • Walking 

Walking for at least 30 minutes two to three times a day is highly recommended. A walk is considered one of the best ways to build up strength in the knee and burn calories. So keep increasing the pace each day. 

  • Swimming 

Swimming is a good exercise that burns calories and, at the same time, does not put much stress on the artificial knee. Consult the best knee replacement surgeon in Delhi before diving into the pool.

  • Dancing 

The gentle modern dance will engage the artificial knees in light aerobic activity. So, it is an excellent way to bring back strength to leg muscles.

Strength and flexibility training 

  • Yoga 

Gentle stretching will improve flexibility. It eliminates the stiffness created in artificial joints and boosts the overall health of the knee. It is better to hire a yoga instructor to know the limitations and avoid any twists in the knee.

  • Weightlifting 

Lifting weights appropriate for one’s size and strength will build strength in muscles. The bones get stronger with resistance training. Therefore, weightlifting can increase the health of the bone. However, one cannot do it in any way they wish. They have to hire a physical trainer to map out the regimen.

Recreational activities 

  • Golf 

A golf course is one of the best places to walk and exercise various muscles in both the lower and upper bodies. Make sure to maintain a good balance on the ground

  • Doubles tennis 

Tennis requires heavy movement while playing. And doubles tennis requires less movement than singles. it is the best fit for knee recovery. One need not put much stress on the knee.

  • Rowing 

A good upper body workout is possible with the help of Rowing. It does not increase stress on the knee if the posture is correct.  


A knee replacement surgery is recommended for people suffering from arthritis. Though the total knee replacement cost may be high in Delhi, it will relieve severe pain in patients. One can enjoy a well-balanced, functional life after the surgery is done by replacing it with prosthetics. After surgery, several precautions have to be taken. Physiotherapy, along with medications and proper exercises, is recommended. Walking, swimming, yoga, weightlifting, dancing, golf, and rowing are some of the aerobic and strength training exercises recommended for the patients.

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