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Shashankasana Method, Benefits and Precautions

by arti kanwar
Shashankasana Method, Benefits and Precautions

Shashankasana –

Today we will try to give you detailed information about Shashankasana. As you must have understood from the name itself, it is an asana or yoga. To do this, the shape of a rabbit has to be made. We will try to tell you below about the method of doing Shashankasana.

There are many benefits of doing Shashankasana. The main benefit of doing Shashankasana is for heart patients. If a person has any kind of problem related to the heart, then that person should practice this asana regularly. There are many benefits of doing Shashankasana for a person suffering from stress.

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What is Shashankasana?

Presently the number of heart patients is increasing continuously. The reason for this is the irregular lifestyle of the people. Apart from heart disease, many types of diseases can be avoided by the regular practice of Shashankasana. There are other benefits of doing this asana. You can know in the below line.

Shashank means rabbit. While sitting in this posture, the posture of the person becomes like that of a rabbit. That’s why it is called Shashankasana. While doing Shashankasana, meditation should be done in the root Dhar or Manipurak Chakra or in the breath of breath.

Method of doing Shashankasana –

Below we will tell you about the easiest method of doing Shashankasana. 

  • To do Shashankasana, you sit on the ground by laying a rug or mat.
  • Bend both the legs from the knees keep them behind the buttocks (hips) and sit on the ankles.
  • And now while breathing, raise both the hands upwards.
  • After this, while exhaling, slowly bend forward while exhaling spread both the hands forward, and place the palms on the floor.
  • And then keep your head on the floor.
  • After coming into the position of the asana, keep the breath out and hold it for some time.
  • Then while inhaling, bringing flexibility in the body, first lift the stomach, then the chest, then the head, and keep the head or hands in the front.
  • Stay in this position for some time straighten up and take a rest for some time. After that, you do this action again. Do this action 4 to 5 times daily.

Benefits of Shashankasana –

There are many benefits of doing Shashankasana. Therefore, we will give you complete information about doing this asana in detail below.

In reducing stress:

Shashankasana affects our mind and body simultaneously. By practicing this asana for some time, the stress goes away and the mind gets a lot of peace. This asana is done sitting like Vajrasana.

Therefore, before doing this asana, one must practice Vajrasana. This is an asana that can be done even after eating food.

It has often been seen that when we are under stress, we do not feel hungry. Because under stress the abdominal muscles are the first to be affected.

That’s why we should do some such asanas. By which the abdominal muscles are massaged. While doing this asana, the awareness of the breath should be maintained. In this way, with the continuous practice of this asana, it is sometimes found in many diseases.

In reducing anger:

Due to stress, we often remain angry. Due to this we also suffer a lot. Sometimes we get angry with anyone. So if you want to control your anger, then you should practice this asana regularly.

In lung problems:

If your lungs have become weak due to some reason, then this asana plays an important role in strengthening your lungs.

Beneficial in back pain:

If you have any problem related to the back or neck or there is pain in your back or neck, then you can get rid of the problem of back pain by practicing this asana.

To increase memory:

By regularizing this asana, our brain gets a lot of benefits. It helps us a lot to remember anything for a long time. Because it affects the memory neuron of our brain.

Beneficial for liver and kidney:

The biggest advantage of doing Shashankasana is that it increases the activity of the liver and kidneys. Due to this, we get a lot of help in fighting many types of diseases.

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Side effects of doing Shashankasana –

Generally, there is no harm in this asana, but some precautions should be taken before doing this asana or some things should be taken care of before doing Shashankasana.

  • If a person has a problem related to a hernia, then that person should avoid practicing Shashankasana.
  • If you feel dizzy while practicing Shashankasana, then you should not practice it.
  • Shashankasana should not be practiced by even those people. Those who have any kind of problem-related to stomach and head.
  • A person with problems related to high blood pressure should consult a yoga expert before practicing Shashankasana.
  • Its practice can also be dangerous for those people who have problems related to slip discs.
  • If you have pain in your back or spine, then you should not practice Shashankasana. Apart from this, you should always do this asana under the supervision of a yoga expert.

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