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Rose Farming Will Make Farmers Rich, With Massive Demand In The Country

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Rose Farming Will Make Farmers Rich, With Massive Demand In The Country

Earning up to ten lakh rupees from rose cultivation in one acre. The farmers of the country are now changing themselves with the times. The new generation of farmers is adopting alternative farming methods by leaving traditional agriculture. Many farmers get a new path of earning lakhs of rupees from rose cultivation. Rose is an Indian flower. Rose plants found all over India. For productive cultivation of roses, you need to use Mahindra 245 tractors which are efficient and reasonable too. 

Many farmers have earned up to ten lakh rupees in one acre from rose cultivation. Typically, wheat cultivation on one acre of land earns only 50-60 thousand rupees. Rose is grown for cut flowers, rose water, rose oil, gulkand etc. In this post, we will give you complete information related to rose cultivation.

Land and climate for rose cultivation

Rose cultivation in the country is mainly done in Karnataka, Tamil Nadu, Maharashtra, Bihar, West Bengal, Gujarat, Haryana, Punjab, Jammu and Kashmir, Madhya Pradesh, Andhra Pradesh and Uttar Pradesh. Rose is cultivated during winters in the plains and hilly regions of North and South India. Day temperature is 25 to 30 degrees centigrade, and night temperature 12 to 14 degrees centigrade is considered best. For the cultivation of roses, loamy soil and more organic matter should be there. Therefore, whose Ph. Values ​​5.3 to 6.5 are considered appropriate. Rose blooms profusely from January to April. Mahindra 575 DI XP Plus is an excellent and powerful tractor model which is highly on demand and best choice for rose farming. 

The best time for rose cultivation

The most suitable time for rose cultivation in the country is during the monsoon days, July, August and September. It is grown abundantly in September-October. If the entire method and process of planting roses are adopted, then this flower hypnotizes us with its beauty, fragrance, and colours till March and gives benefits. One month before planting, make two to two and a half feet deep pits at a distance of two to three feet and keep the diameter two feet. Five kg of cow dung and 20 ml in the hole. Fill the pit with chlorpyrifos and apply water.

Preparing Plants for Rose Cultivation

Usually, the rose is planted in July-August as soon as the monsoon arrives. It is grown abundantly in September-October. If the entire method and process of planting roses are adopted, this flower profits the farmers with abundant yield till March-April. Rose plants can be prepared by grafting, seeding and layering methods. To prepare cutting plants, take cuttings from rootstock Rosa indica, Varsonia, Odarota or Rosa multiflora and plant them at 10 to 1 cm distance from mid-September to mid-October. In January-February, on the eruptions on these cuttings, eyes should be offered with improved varieties of plants. Eye donation can also be made till March. Cuttings prepare native rose seedlings.

Manure and fertilizer

According to agricultural experts, 20 tonnes of decomposed cow dung, 320 kg urea, 500 kg single super phosphate, 128 kg muriate potash per acre is sufficient for manure. Half of the amount of urea and all the remaining fertilizers should be applied from mid-September to mid-October. The remaining area should be used after one month. Spray 0.3 per cent solution each in Zinc, Magnesium and Manganese Sulphate in November and February.

Method of irrigation in rose cultivation

Irrigation management should be suitable for rose cultivation. Keep in mind that when the plant is planted in the fields, it should also be irrigated. As per requirement, irrigation should be done after 5-7 days in summer and after 10-12 days in the winter season.

Special things to pay attention to in rose cultivation

  • Do not let the pots and beds remain filled with water for a long time during the rainy season.
  • To get a high yield of rose flowers, weeding and hoeing the plants is necessary. Its weeding should be started from November onwards. Is After November, the weeding should be done 3 to 4 times till January.
  • Plants should not be watered frequently. This also makes the ground hard, Because of this, even air does not reach its roots. But due to weeding, the air gets to the plants in proper quantity, due to which good growth of the plant takes place.
  • After every 2-3 years, transfer the entire plant and the soil to a new pot. If desired, change the pot’s ground and fill it with a fresh mixture. Do this process in September-October.

Plucking roses

In the half-open petals of rose flowers, the flower should be cut when the top petal starts turning downwards. While cutting flowers, one or two leaves should be left on the twig so that there is no problem with the growth of the plants. A sharp knife or blade should be used for cutting. 

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