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Relieve Toothache Optimally With The Best Dental Clinic

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Relieve Toothache Optimally With The Best Dental Clinic


Among all dental health-related problems, a toothache is the most common one. Reasons for such pain can be several. Ongoing tooth pain or sudden sharp discomfort may have an underlying cause. However, at times, experiencing such pain may not involve an underlying reason. For example, if you bite down on something hard, you may feel pain around your teeth.

Other reasons for tooth pain can be tooth decay, gum infection, grinding of teeth, damaged tooth filling, fractured tooth, etc. Sometimes, the discomfort goes away shortly. But it’s always great to seek expert advice early on. For mild to severe tooth discomfort, you might consider the best dental clinic in Siliguri.

Heal Tooth Pain With Dentist’s Guidance

Heal Tooth Pain With Dentist’s Guidance

What are the Possible Symptoms of Toothache?

The pain is itself the most prominent sign of toothache. There are other several signs concerning this discomfort include:

  • Pain during chewing or biting
  • Swelling around the teeth
  • Pain with headache or fever
  • Bad breath
  • Painful tooth sensitivity

Home remedies can help you palliate your problem to some extent. Besides such practices, be sure to ask for medical assistance for better recovery.

What Causes Toothache/Pain?

The following are some of the causes of toothache; have a look:

  • Tooth decay refers to damage to your enamel that creates tiny holes in your teeth’ surface.
  • Teeth grinding or bruxism is clenching or grinding of teeth/jaw.
  • A damaged dental filling can increase your tooth sensitivity, sudden pain, and other discomforts.
  • Mild gum infection may develop into a serious one if remains untreated.
  • A fractured tooth or cracked tooth can be caused by biting hard foods, falls, accidents, sports injuries, older age, teeth grinding.
  • An abscessed tooth can result in complications without treatment.
  • Sinusitis/sinus infection is responsible for inflaming your sinus and nasal passages.

Can Toothache Go Away on Its Own?

The chances are 50%-50%! If an underlying condition is causing you such pain, it may reappear. At the same time, the pain caused by biting something hard or an accident may crop up again.

For many people, dental pain disappears within a few days. You can see your dentist if this discomfort won’t heal with time. During this time, stick to the plan as guided by your dentist. It helps prevent further dental complications.

When to Visit a Dental Clinic?

If you experience the intensity of the pain has increased, see your specialist at the earliest. You might see your gums are swollen or tender. Your teeth may become vulnerable to cold, hot, sweet, or acidic foods or beverages.

Access to early dental care reduces the risk of health hazards. Schedule an appointment with the leading dentist in town to safeguard your teeth’ health.

Ways to Prevent Toothache

  • Use fluoride toothpaste
  • Try to floss every day
  • Limit consumption of sugary, spicy, acidic food items
  • Avoid too much intake of carbonated, alcoholic beverages, caffeinated food items
  • Take a high-fiber diet as your dental health appreciates it
  • Do not apply random feel-good products; make sure to read the ingredients

Fight Tooth Pain Successfully

Fight Tooth Pain Successfully

Medical Care for Toothache

Although home treatment reduces the severity of tooth pain, medical guidance is still required. Your dentist, upon diagnosis, ensures the cause of going through such throbbing, sharp pain.

Based on how severe your problem has become, a doctor may recommend – medication, cavity treatment, root canal therapy, or other oral procedures. In case sinusitis results in tooth pain, you need sinusitis treatment. Receive optimal guidance on your oral wellbeing from the best dentist in Siliguri city.

Get in touch with your doctor, if you spot that toothache is still there even after one/two days. This type of pain can swell up your face as well. It’s of urgency that you identify the reason soon under the doctor’s supervision. And avail of treatment to prevent this discomfort affect your wellness.

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