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Reasons for Rejection of Canada Student Visa

by arjun madhav
Reasons for Canada Student Visa Rejection

Canada being one of the most preferred student destinations in the world, is well known for its world-class education system, student-friendly immigration and visa and rules, and the great life and job prospects it offers. Being one of the most sought-after study destinations in the world there is a large section of international students applying to Canada every year. The Canadian authorities follow a rigorous visa process often resulting in the rejection of student visas.

Here in this article, we provide you with the various reasons that may lead to the rejection of a Canada student visa and how you can avoid such a situation.

Reasons For Canada Student Visa Rejection

Matters concerning the below-mentioned aspects should be carefully considered to avoid the rejection of your Canada student visa.

Academic performance

To get your student visa approved, one of the basic and important criteria to fulfill is your academic qualifications. You need to meet the adequate academic scores or merits mandated by your educational institution and the Canadian government to get your visa approved.

Letter of acceptance

Showing proof of received acceptance letter from a registered Canadian educational institution is mandatory to apply for a valid student permit. And also, all the requirements for the program should be fulfilled by the candidate.

Financial stability

If the Canadian authorities find you to be not financially well enough off to support yourself while studying in Canada, they could reject you. Showing proof of a sufficient amount of funds to support yourself throughout your study period can avoid you from rejection.


Necessary scores in IELTS or TOEFL is necessary as proof of language proficiency no matter under which program you are applying, be it PNP, SPP, or SDS programs. It’s important to score the minimum scores in IELTS or TOEFL mandated under these programs to secure a student visa.

No permanent stay

A Canadian study permit is only a temporary visa that has an expiration date. If the visa officer handling your case finds you as a potential immigrant, then your student visa can get rejected. The officer needs to be convinced that you will
make a return to your home country after the completion of your studies. Students can choose to extend their visas by following the due processes. Canada is well known for its student-friendly visa policies. Although at the time of the visa interview, you will need to convince the visa office that you do not intend to settle in Canada permanently

Change of study program

If your past educational background or work experience does not coincide with your selected program of study, you can be questioned by the authorities. In such a case, you must have a suitable and justifiable explanation.

Inadequate documents

It’s very important to submit the entire list of documents mandated by the authorities at the time of the visa interview. All the documents need to be organized well and need to be legible so that the officer can review them easily without difficulties.

Lack of Travel History

A student visa can be refused if an individual with no travel history of traveling outside their home country applies for a student visa on their own.

Strong Family Ties to Canada

Sometimes, having family members in Canada can be a reason for rejection. Individuals who apply on their own can also be refused. Legal solutions can be sought to solve such issues.

Some of the other reasons that you may lead to rejection

  • Having an Illegal Status in your Country of Residence
  • Issues concerning Personal Assets
  • Inauthentic documents
  • Lack of Employment Prospects in your Home Country: if a student is older
  • The situation of Current Employment: if a student is older
  • Overstaying history on a previous visit to Canada

Few other reasons for refusal that apply to all visitors to Canada

  • Criminality (having been charged with a crime previously)
  • Misrepresentation (having previously misrepresented information to Canadian immigration and received a ban)
  • A previous case of Deportation: for illegal overstay
  • Medical Inadmissibility: having a contagious disease that is a threat to Canadians
  • Human Rights Violations: history of previously serving in the military for a country that has been deemed to have participated in war crimes. To overcome such inadmissibility, additional documents need to be provided.

Reapplying for a Student Visa After Rejection

It’s possible for students to re-apply for a Canadian student visa even if there was a previous case of rejection. You must evaluate your application well and rectify the mistakes so that you won’t face a rejection next time. Get in touch with the best Immigration Law Firm in Canada to get professional help to address all your Canada student visa-related issues.

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