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Not sure about the maintenance of wooden flooring? Expert tips to help you out

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Wooden flooring undoubtedly looks elegant but, in every season, a new problem arises for the hardwood floors as the woods react in every season. Winter comes with ice, snow, and salt, and spring brings dirt and rain, summer comes with salt and chlorine, and falls bring leaves and dirt. 

However, despite every upkeep, the wooden flooring in Wellington is just too stunning to ignore. If you have recently installed a wooden floor in your house, then here are a few tips for you to maintain the floor so that it takes more time for the next polish

Tips to maintain wooden floors

These maintenance tips will surely make your floor look new for a longer period and stop it from getting damaged. 

Clean the spills instantly

Use a slightly damp or dry cloth to wipe up immediately after you spill anything, but keep in mind to avoid steam or wet mops as it can cause damage over time as woods shrinks and swells depending on moisture. The ideal temperature of a room for wood flooring is between 60 degrees to 80 degrees Fahrenheit with a maximum of 50 percent humidity. 

Use furniture pads

Scratches look odd on wooden floors and they are the toughest issue to get solved. While inevitable scratches can’t be ignored, some are preventable. For instance, moving furniture from one place to another on a wooden floor will bring scratches on the floor, but it can e prevented if furniture pads are added on the tips of the legs of the chairs, tables, sofas. 

Sweep your floor daily

During or sweeping daily might sound useless but it’s advisable to do the same. Even if there is a no-shoe rule in your home, dust enters your home from any open areas and gets settled between the floor bands. Moreover, if you have a furry friend in your home, then consider sweeping your room daily for hygiene purposes. 

Use a wooden floor cleaner once a month

There are many wooden floors cleaner available in the market, buy a cleaner for your floor and clean it monthly

Weekly vacuum

Sometimes, it’s not possible to sweep your room daily, so to ensure cleanliness, vacuum cleans your floor. Or if any dirt or crumbs have been missed, don’t scratch your floor, vacuum instead. 

Apply maintenance oil

Application of oil in intervals will make your wooden floor bright and glazing. Oil diminishes the dry and dull look of the wooden floor. Many maintenance oils are available in the market, research before buying oil that matches your floor color. 

Refinish every 5 years

Refinish your floor once every five years. The recoating makes the floor look new. Recoating the floor is really important to maintain your floor and avoid replacing it.

Wrapping Up

Maintaining a wooden floor seems to be tiresome, but if you notice you will find out only light sweeping of the floors are enough for a day. Wooden flooring looks really elegant and cool and you just can’t ignore its look just for the maintenance. 

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