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Moving Day Checklist – What Should You Do on Shifting Day

by Monali Swain
Moving Day Checklist - What Should You Do on Shifting Day

You are on your moving day. Congratulation! It means a new start is waiting there for you. Why are you so confused? You are not sure to handle your moving day. Not to worry! We are here for you. We will tell you about all the things that you should do on shifting day. Excited to know about it! If so, then don’t stop reading. Continue it to have the best idea.

The ultimate moving day checklist for a big move

The shifting day should be awesome. You can do it perfectly by following some easy ways. Are you not sure what those are? Here you find all. Follow this article.

1. Start early

The moving day should be the one which you should start early. You may have completed the packing tasks. There is nothing pending. Only waiting for the packers and movers Bangalore to Mumbai will be something that you do. But you need to remember that there should be some personal things that you need to do. So, you need time. Bathing and all will never be the activities that you can complete after the arrival of the moving company.

So, you should do all those things before their come. Even you do a special check to get the assurance that everything is perfect.

2. Make your list of the moving things

It is true that you make your packing and moving list at the time; you start your work. But as time goes, you find that there may be more that you don’t think to carry to your new destination. It may be possible that you add more to it. So, before loading those, you should have your final list. This should carry the information about the particular things that go with you.

So, go ahead and create it with attention. This is the step you can’t even think to avoid.

3. Make your kids and pets busy somewhere else

There are people who allow the kids and pets in their homes on a moving day. If you are the one who thinks about it, then taking precautions will be the need. Safety is not an option for them. You should provide it. You have to make them in a distance from the place where moving activities will be going on. It means giving them a room that is vacant. You should arrange all that they enjoy doing and give them their favorite food. This makes them happy, and the moving tasks will be easier to do.

4. Valuables should be with you

You have to carry your valuables with you. Even if you talk with movers and packers Bangalore to Delhi, they will also prefer that. So, you should be sure that you arrange that for carrying. But don’t even think to put those with other boxes that the moving company will take for transporting. Keep this in mind. So, place it differently and keep it near to you. It will be something that you should do before the moving day. But on that day, you should check and make sure that everything is there.

5. Preparing your fridge and more

The moving company will move the refrigerator, washing machine and more with proper care. But you have to prepare it for the move. If you don’t defrost it before, then packing and carrying it will be a problem. The moving company will also instruct you on how you should make your appliances ready. You should make that possible before the day of the move. Also, in the morning, you have to be confident that those are in perfect condition and ready to move. So, go and check each thing. When the assurance is there, then moving of it will be perfect. You don’t have more stress about it after checking all.

6. Click pictures

It will be good to have pictures of your things. Yes, you read this right. This will be the need. If there is any damage to your things during the move, then you can prove it easily. So, don’t forget to make that possible. Also, do it before the arrival of the moving company. This helps you to make the move perfect as per your desire.

You may involve other family members to click the pictures. But doing it will be the not. Don’t even think of skipping this step.

7. Attend the movers

When the moving company will come to your place, then greet them. You should welcome with an open arm. Make them comfortable by starting the communication. Tell everything. Don’t forget to offer water and food. This will help them to make their work perfect, and your entire experience will be awesome. So, giving importance to it will be another need of your desire.

8. Final sweep

You should clean your place before moving out. This will be the responsibility that you never play with. If you skip that, then it can be possible that you don’t get your security deposit back. So, do it in the right way. Don’t leave anything behind.

9. Unboxing

If you think, packing is all that gives you challenges, then it is not so. Unboxing will be the task that should do with perfection. Yes, you read this right. You have to get your things out from the boxes. Placing those in the right way will be another need. Along with it, you have to think of assembling the furniture and more.

You may give this responsibility to the expert as well. They will do it with care. But supervising will be the need. Also, you should tell them what you want to put what. The safety of your new home will be the need too. So, take care of it by measuring everything well.

10. Do the inspection

When your new home has everything settled, then you should give a quick check. Inspection is the need to be sure that no damages are there. You have to do it immediately. You can leave it for the next few days. If you do that, then it can be possible that you may not get the insurance claims.

Are you okay with it? This will never be. So, give the right look to each. When you have a single doubt, then give attention to it in the right way. If everything is perfect, then you may hope that your move is perfect. Also, you handle your moving day well. After that, you may think of relaxing. You can get a coffee for yourself. A good book can be there with you. Do you a movie lover? If so, then watch a favorite movie. This makes the entree process awesome for you. But think to make that possible after inspecting everything.

Over to you

The move is smoother for many by following these ways. So, if you also want to avoid a bitter experience during the move, then you should follow these moving day activities. After it, everything will be awesome. Your experience of the move will be as per your desire without any doubt.

Do you think this article is helpful for making your moving day perfect? Don’t hesitate to tell us about it.

Happy Moving!

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