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Microsoft Outlook Stuck on Loading Profile? Try These Fixes

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Outlook cannot open set of folders
Everyone knows that Microsoft Outlook offers a range of great features. The app provides email, calendar, and contacts in a central place. That’s why many people use it every day to carry out a variety of their work activities. But sometimes, you can find Microsoft outlook stuck on the loading profile. You cannot open the app, which can feel frustrating. However, there are various ways to make it work usually. In this article, you’ll find about these workarounds in detail.

Fixes to Use When Microsoft Outlook Stuck on Loading Profile

The issue can arise because of numerous problems. Follow the fixes given below whenever you find Outlook behaving in this way.

Run MS Outlook as an administrator.

Sometimes you can face this problem when Outlook doesn’t have permission to access your profile. So, running it as an administrator will fix the issue.
  • Input ‘Outlook’ in the search bar and right-tap on its search result. Then choose ‘Run as administrator.’
  • Tap ‘Yes’ in the dialog that asks you for confirmation.
  • Outlook will start running as an administrator.

Kill processes related to Office in Task Manager.

To ensure a fresh start, you can kill all processes related to Outlook in Task Manager. To do that, follow these steps. 
  • Hit CTRL + Shift + Esc keys to launch the Task Manager.
  • Locate Office-related processes, choose the, and tap ‘End Task.’
  • Now, open Outlook again. 

Repair damaged or corrupt Outlook files.

If one or more of the program files are damaged or corrupt, you will likely report Microsoft Outlook stuck on loading profile. You can repair Outlook files via an executable in the MS Outlook installation directory
  • Right-tap the Outlook shortcut and choose ‘Properties.’
  • In the ‘Shortcut’ tab, tap ‘Open File Location.’ The installation directory will open.
  • Find ‘SCANPST.EXE’ and launch it. The MS Outlook Inbox Repair Tool will open. 
  • Tap ‘Browse’ and go to this directory; C:\Users\*username*\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Outlook
  • Here, in place of *username*, input your own username. 
  • Choose the profile you wish to repair and tap ‘Start.’
  • When SCANPST finishes scanning and repairing, tap ‘OK.’
  • Now, open Outlook. 

Fix the corrupt Office files.

Repairing Office can fix this specific problem as Outlook is an integral element of Microsoft Office. But there’s no need to install any extra software to fix corrupt Office files. You can do it via the control panel. Follow these steps and rectify corrupt Office files.
  • Navigate to the ‘Control Panel.’
  • Once there, choose ‘Programs and Features.’
  • Locate Microsoft Office from the list and choose it.
  • Tap ‘Change.’ You’ll find a window opening.
  • Choose ‘Quick Repair’ followed by ‘Repair.’
  • After the repair process ends, open Outlook. Check if this issue has been fixed.

Final Words

Hopefully, after reading and implementing all these steps, you won’t find yourself complaining about Microsoft outlook stuck on loading profile. All of them are effective at resolving this issue. But if you still see the problem unresolved, it’s best to contact professional Outlook customer support service. The experts will speedily resolve this problem for you.

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