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look at some of the work from home benefits

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Everyone is working from home now, thanks to the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic.  While there is an endless debate on work from home vs work from office, it is important to consider the advantages and disadvantages of working from home from the point of view of both employees and employers.   Let us look at both and understand the work from home benefits and whether the current scenario will be sustainable in the future.


Pros and cons of working from home


The following are some of the work from home benefits for the employees –


  • They can save a part of their income which is spent on commuting by working from home.
  • Another work from home benefit is that employees now have a work-life balance; especially beneficial for single parents and working mothers with small children.
  • Location is not an issue and access to a broad range of job opportunities.
  • Flexibility to plan schedules.
  • People can save a lot of money spent on their wardrobe, car maintenance, etc.


Work from home disadvantages for employees

  • Work from home may not suit everyone.
  • There is hardly any personal interaction with fellow team members and seniors.
  • Employees may not feel motivated and get distracted which affects their productivity.
  • Setting up an office at home requires a high-speed internet connection and other equipment, may not be very convenient for everyone.
  • Lack of a good working environment at home.
  • People suffer from mental stress as a result of the pressure of handling both professional and personal commitments.



Work from home benefits for employers


  • Employers can hire from different locations and have more options.
  • Reduced overhead costs and improved employee morale.
  • Employers can choose from different platforms to communicate.
  • Since employees can maintain a good work-life balance, they are more productive.
  • There is increased job satisfaction and more sustainability.



Work from home vs work from office – disadvantages for employers


  • Lack of company culture and no inclusivity.
  • Difficult to build relations with team members due to lack of personal interaction.
  • Anxiety and stress in employees working from home.
  • Distractions lead to frequent breaks which will result in less productivity.
  • Difficult to keep a tab on the employee’s performance from remote locations.
  • Security risks and data breach concerns.




With the third wave kicking in recently, many companies have postponed the return to office plan and went back to the work from home scenario. It looks like the work from home option cannot be shunned completely as of now. The Covid-19 pandemic opened up the option of work from home for both the employees and employers. With new Covid variants, it will be safe to assume that work from home is here to stay. There are many work from home benefits as well as disadvantages. It is difficult to decide between work from home vs work from office.  Work from home does not have to mean working only at home. Following a hybrid model that is being flexible and dividing time between home and office may be the best model for sustainability in the long run.

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