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List of Ships to Maldives from India

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The Maldives has it all: magnificent over-water homes, turquoise oceans, soft sand beaches, lush vegetation, and more! What if I told you that getting there can be just as exciting as getting there? A ship from India to the Maldives are in some Maldives packages on theirs transportation mode according to the package size it may vary either a cruise or flight to Maldives.

Reasons for Choosing Maldives Cruise from India

The majority of people prefer to travel by plane since it saves time and is more pleasant. Travelling on the water with breathtaking vistas, delicious meals, and other enjoyable activities. What more could you ask for on a trip?

Ideal duration of Maldives Cruise from India

Travelling on a cruise is an entirely other experience, and one should attempt it if at all feasible. Getting to the Maldives from India might take anywhere from 5 to 7 days. It depends on whether you are flying from Mumbai or Kochi. People love the gorgeous vistas and have a good time.

When is the best time to go to the Maldives on a cruise from India?

Between November and April is the best time to visit this warm and tropical nation. The driest months in the Maldives are January, February, March, and April, ideal for exploring.

How much does a Maldives Cruise from India Costs?

The cost of a cruise package is influenced by the starting point. The number of travel days on the ship and the trip type. A Maldives cruise package from India costs on average Rs. 31,000 per person with premium and budget choices available.

  1. Costa Cruise Lines – Costa NeoClassica

Costa Cruise Lines provides affordable luxury and the best shore excursions throughout the world. It has so much to offer, including Jacuzzis, a gym, and much more.

Kochi to Male is a three-night journey.

7 nights from Mumbai to Mangalore, Kochi, and Male

The average cost per person is INR 24,800. (double occupancy basis)

Passenger capacity: 1,300

Things to do onboard:

  • Pool and Jacuzzi access
  • Excursions to the beach
  • Ecotours
  • Consume delectable cuisine and savour delectable beverages.
  • Attend instructor-led gyms and aerobics courses.
  1. Louis Cruise – MV Aquamarine

Louis Cruise has over 70 years of tourism experience and will not let you down. They will not let you down if you book one of their cruises to the Maldives for an unforgettable trip.

Kochi – the Maldives – Kochi is the route to take.

The average cost per person is INR 20,000. (double occupancy basis)

Passenger capacity: 1200

Onboard activities include:

  • At approved eateries, you can get free meals every day.
  • Lovely dining room
  • Enjoy a spectacular nighttime show with a disco.
  • Lido Buffet, Bistro Buffet
  • Swimming pool and fitness centre access
  • Having a good time in the library and card room
  1. Noble Caledonia 

Noble Caledonia is a cruise line that specialises in tiny ships. You may look forward to a rewarding journey and will be welcomed with open arms. Prepare yourself for a fantastic journey.

A 16-day journey from Mumbai to Goa, Mangalore, Kochi, Trivandrum, Colombo, Kandy, Galle, Uligamu, Baa Atoll, Olhahali Island, and Male (Finally!)

The average cost per person is 3 lakhs (double occupancy basis)

Passenger capacity: 114

Onboard activities include:

  • Excursions on the water
  • Entertainment onboard
  • Wellness and spa services
  1. Jalesh Cruise Lines

Jalesh Cruise pampers you with restaurants, seven bars, two pools, jacuzzis, a big shopping mall, and a theatre, all for a very reasonable price. You can take a Jalesh cruise and have a great time.

Mumbai – Kochi – Male is the route.

Male – Mumbai – Goa – Colombo

The average cost per person is INR 25,000. (double occupancy basis)

Passenger capacity: 1300

Onboard activities include:

  • Swimming pools and Jacuzzis are available.
  • Bars to Relax in
  • Shop at a shopping mall
  • Take pleasure in the theatre.

Tips for Choosing a Maldives Cruise from India

  • To begin, do thorough research on the cruise you want to go on. You must bear in mind the size of the cruise, the activities they provide, the ports you intend to be on and the duration of the excursion.
  • Pack for the weather you’ll be experiencing on your vacation.
  • Relax and take advantage of the cruise’s amenities, a spa, gym, pool, and more.


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