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Kitchen Remodeling Mistakes to Avoid

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Remodeling your home is not as easy and glorious as it seems. You need to put in a lot of effort and cash before getting the desired results. But if you break the process to different parts of your house, remodeling the kitchen stands on the top of the list of difficulties. 

There is so much that a kitchen has that it becomes challenging to suffice it again in the remodel. You need to keep in mind your family’s needs, your budget, and much more. In this process, you are sure to make some mistakes that you’ll regret later. 

Here is a list of common mistakes you should avoid in a picture-perfect kitchen. 

Mistake 1: Leaving too much space

You don’t want to walk around when using a kitchen due to extra space. If you have a vast area left for the kitchen model, make sure you utilize it efficiently. Kitchen renovation in Rockville Centre, NY, includes making enough space to move around and having areas that will facilitate the meal preparation process instead of slowing it down. 

Mistake 2: Overseeing Ventilation

A kitchen is full of appliances that generate heat, mess, and odor. If you forget to find a way to cover it up, you may not like spending time in your new kitchen. Kitchen Renovation companies in Rockville Centre, NY, recommend two solutions: backsplash and ventilation. Where backsplash will help you clear out the mess and get rid of oily marks, ventilation will keep your kitchen fresh from any smell. 

Mistake 3: Insufficient Electrical Outlets

A kitchen remodels will always be incomplete if you don’t install sufficient power outlets. You might not want to ruin your design with multiple visible power outlets, but having anything less than three outlets will be insufficient. To keep your design intact and fulfill the outlets’ requirements, you can ask your contractor to space these outlets in islands or drawers.

Mistake 4: Overlooking Budget

While a remodeling project is close to the owner’s heart, you need to keep your budget in check. Your contractor will tell you all kinds of changes to give you the best results, but you should look into your pocket before finalizing anything. Kitchen Renovation in Rockville Centre, NY, costs a lot more than you can think initially. Once you start the project, make sure you keep a tight hand on your budget.

Mistake 5: Neglecting the Lights

Every time you step into a kitchen with dim lights, you don’t get the vibe to cook happily. Adequate lighting rejuvenates not only the kitchen but also you. Preparing food becomes fun and can be efficiently done. Design so that particular areas like the stove, countertop, etc., are all well-lit and the whole kitchen.

Mistake 6: Forgetting the primary purpose

New trends are constantly coming into the market, but they shouldn’t make you forget the primary purpose of your kitchen. Kitchen Renovation companies in Rockville Centre, NY, recommend that you focus on the major appliances and their arrangement in the kitchen design. Also, consider that the stove, sink, and fridge are all well-placed with proper aisles to walk around. Once you are done with these steps, you can move ahead to design your kitchen around them.

Mistake 7: Designing according to others

Before starting any remodeling or masonry project in Rockville Centre, NY, we once think about how appealing it will look in front of our family and friends. This is where everything goes wrong. What is more important than how others might like is how you and your family will want it to look. Don’t follow what your neighbors, friends, or relatives did to their kitchen. Follow what your family and you want to do with it. 

Mistake 8: Focusing only on aesthetics

Aesthetics and all are fine, but what will you do with a kitchen which is only aesthetically pleasing but doesn’t function well? Focus on work zones, preparation counters, fridge, stove, etc., instead of design which looks good but increases your work. Cooking your meals is the primary purpose of your kitchen at the end.

The Bottom Line

This being said, some other mistakes that you might make are making islands too big instead of turning them into two, designing while keeping one cook in mind, and forgetting to get the storage space right. What you don’t do to your kitchen remodel holds more power than what you do to it. Try and avoid these mistakes to get the perfect kitchen.

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