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Indian Cuisine And Its Relationship With Curries And Spices!

by SalenaMartine
Details On Curry And Spices Of Indian Food

It is impossible not to love Indian food; I mean, who doesn’t love a blast of flavor in their mouth. It is not every day that you get to enjoy such lavish meals. However, people who have not tried Indian food or are not that well aware of the culture or the authenticity of the Indian cuisine would definitely associate it with two simple words, “Spicy” or “Curry.”

But how true are they to put Indian food in a box?

Let us learn about it by further investigating the matter.

What Is Curry?

You would be shocked to read this, but in India, curry means nothing; there is no dish associated with curry. However, there is a plant known as a curry that leaves are primarily used in the cooking method in the southern region of the country.

Yes, you would not find any “curry” powder in the grocery stores, although you might notice many other spices that will lead you to the mixture of flavors or, as you say, “curry.”

Why Do Indian People Use So Many Spices?

Spices are not only a bunch of ingredients that exaggerate the delicacy’s flavor; it is also known for providing the antibacterial component in it. As India is a hot climate country, the food might get rotten or spoiled faster. This is where spices come to play the role of a protector against the bacteria in the food. Some spices like turmeric are very commonly known for having an antibiotic component which is very helpful for your health. So basically, spices are not something that is “hot” but rather an incorporation of taste and good some for health. You can taste authentic Indian dishes at the Indian Restaurant In Sydney.

Curry And Its Definition In India

In India, curry does not hold any meaning apart from the tree. However, there is a term “Kari,” used by the Indians, especially in the southern part. It is a description of the sauce or gravy in the dish. Many dishes in India are prepared differently, but one of the most common ways a dish is served is by having some Kari in it.

How is The Kari Made?

The Karis is a blend of different spices and ingredients, including tomato, onion, ginger-garlic, green chilis puree, which is put in the hot oil and later infused with several spices including turmeric, salt, red chili powder, coriander powder, cinnamon powder, garam masala (a bunch of whole spices roasted and blended together), and many more. You could also add coconut cream to give the dish a velvety, creamy texture while simultaneously making it rich.

Different Types Of Indian Curry

From south to north, you would notice a bunch of delicacies that have gravy in them. Some of the most famous dishes worldwide are:

  • Butter chicken: how can you forget everyone’s favorite chicken chunks infused with tomato and cream-based gravy, which is so delicious and toothsome.
  • Vindaloo: This spicy affair straight from the south is winning many hearts.

Final Comments

Visit Sylvania Indian Restaurant and fall in love with the Indian cuisine. Remember, it is more than just spicy- it is flavorful and wholesome.

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