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How to Transfer MBOX File Data in Yahoo Mail Account?

by alora

Email clients are vital for data management and email communication within a business in today’s climate. These email clients include a plethora of features that improve the user experience. It has the greatest user experience for organising several emails in one location. In order to obtain greater functionality, people also employ email apps with complex functions. This is why we decided to put together a guide on how to Transfer MBOX File Data in Yahoo Mail.

Users using desktop-based email apps benefit from the option to retain important emails and other data locally on their machines. The MBOX file format is used by over 25 email apps to save email items and folders. Email clients such as Thunderbird, Apple mail, Eudora, and others support this file type. Users may notice an increase in the size of their system disc if they have the ability to save emails locally.

Cloud applications, on the other hand, enable users to easily transfer their data to a cloud server. For this and other reasons, many customers wish to transfer to a cloud email platform, such as YahooMail.

Reasons for a User’s Switch from Gmail to YahooMail

  • Yahoomail is a Cloud service that enables users to perform email activities from any web browser. Users may log in to their YahooMail accounts without having to install any additional software.
  • It is difficult to save data as MBOX files on a computer’s hard disc. There is a possibility of file corruption, and saving MBOX files locally takes up a significant amount of storage space on the user’s PC. YahooMail, on the other hand, offers a large amount of storage space on a cloud server to ensure the security of customers’ data and emails.
  • YahooMail offers sophisticated features like spam filtering and a search option to help you find important email information for free.
  • Furthermore, after importing MBOX emails to YahooMail, users may effortlessly access their email account and MBOX emails from any device, at any time, and from any location in the world.

Users must transfer MBOX File into Yahoo Mail Account due to the benefits of YahooMail and the challenges with MBOX-supported desktop email applications. The following are some real user questions from people who are in the same situation as you and looking for a solution. Let’s have a look…

Before YahooMail, I used Gmail. I deleted my Gmail account for a specific reason. Before cancelling the account, however, I deleted all of my account emails and saved them in an MBOX file. I’d like to transfer some important emails from an MBOX file to my Yahoo Mail account. Is it possible to load an MBOX file into Yahoo Mail?

Direct Method to Transfer MBOX File Data in Yahoo Mail Account?

Because YahooMail does not offer a direct option for importing MBOX files, there is no manual method available on the market to Import MBOX to Yahoo mail. However, in order to alleviate the issues of consumers, we will talk about an automated tool that is specially programmed to transfer .mbox file data to Yahoo webmail account. That secure and reliable tool is  MBOX Converter. . The steps below outline how a user can move MBOX file into their YahooMail account.

1. Install and execute this utility on your Windows operating system.

2. Select Open >> Email Data File >> MBOX File >> and then click OK. Choose File or Folder.

3. Next, click the Export button and select the IMAP option.

4. Enter your Yahoo mail login information and port server information here. Finally, press the Save button.

Server address: smpt.mail.yahoo.com  Port Number: 993


Many users are already shifting to the YahooMail cloud programme due to its extensive features. However, while transferring data from an MBOX file, users run into a number of problems. As a result, we established this blog to help such users. The procedure mentioned above is the best option for all users when it comes to directly transfer MBOX file data in Yahoo Mail. Users can download the free demo edition of this Software. Users can safely transfer up to 10 emails from each folder of an MBOX file to Yahoo for free with this demo edition.

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