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How Rhinoplasty Surgeon in Mumbai Can Ease Your Pain?

Rhinoplasty Surgeon in Mumbai

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People have attractive features that make them appear beautiful, but what if you don’t! If your nose is the one bothering, you and impacting you as a whole; rhinoplasty is the answer for you. You might look for a rhinoplasty surgeon in Mumbai if you have an idea about the procedure. You could better decide about opting for a rhinoplasty procedure when you are aware of its several benefits. A new nose can not only give you a beautiful face but also boost your confidence in umpteen ways. If you are one of those people worrying that a nose job will hurt, keep reading to know more. 

Getting an insight 

Although there are many types of procedures for your nose, rhinoplasty is the most common one. In this procedure, the doctor will give a small cut between both of your nostrils. This will allow the doctor to remove the substructure skin for adjusting the underneath cartilage and placing the skin back. The doctor performs this procedure on an outpatient basis as it is a routine procedure. You can undergo the surgery in the morning to head back home by evening. Further, the anesthesia delivered ensures that you experience no pain during the procedure. 

Reasons to undergo rhinoplasty 

While some people choose rhinoplasty only to change the nose appearance, many others go for it to improve breathing. The procedure of rhinoplasty can help to change not just the bone but also the cartilage and the skin. Many people opt for the treatment to change the size or proportion of their noses. It also helps in correcting birth defects and/or repairing the deformities due to injuries. 

Before the procedure, your doctor will consider your facial characteristics. This may include the skin & cartilage of your nose and what you wish to achieve through the procedure. You may approach the right doctor who will develop a plan for you. Although the rhinoplasty cost in India is a little high, insurance plans cover the same to make it affordable for you. 

The after-rhinoplasty period 

One may experience a little amount of pain after the rhinoplasty procedure that varies from person to person. A majority of the patients experience only minimal pain ranging from mild to moderate after the procedure. At any level, the pain will not last for more than 72 hours as it has low intensity. People also experience sensitive noses after the surgery for a period of two to three months. Although the nose is sensitive to touch, recovery with proper care will make the procedure a success. 

The type of treatment you take will determine the stages of pain after the procedure. If you have a swelled nose, the swelling will decrease with time. The bruises on your will also continue to reduce with each day. You help in the faster recovery of the nose by allowing it to heal naturally. One may expect the nose to heal completely, without manipulation, within 3 months period. This will further contribute to improving your appearance. 

The Recovery Timeline 

Many patients often experience little discomfort after the surgery that relies upon taking medications prescribed by the plastic surgeon in Mumbai. If you head to your workplace, your initial recovery period might make you feel uncomfortable. This is mainly due to the bruises on your nose that are visible for a certain period. Your doctor may ask you to wear a splint outside and inside of the nose for 7 days. This helps to protect the cartilage and bones of the nose during the recovery period. 

You can experience faster recovery by avoiding exercises or strenuous activities. Also, try to avoid wearing glasses for at least 3 weeks after the surgery. As the nose is a complex body structure, it may require some effort from your side. When you take proper care of yourself and follow all the instructions, you will witness the faster recovery of your nose. 

The Bottom Line 

No matter the problem you have with your nose, a rhinoplasty surgeon can simplify things for you. After the procedure, you will notice the difference in your facial features as well as the pain in your nose. The procedure is neither painful nor complicated things for you when you choose the right doctor.

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