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Four Tips to Help You Prepare For a Home Inspection

by eada

Granted that when you hear the buyer requesting a home inspection codicil to be made part of a purchase agreement, you are sure to feel a little clammy and even anxious. But that’s only natural after all, if the buyer should discover some residual issues, the deal could well go belly-up. The fact is that more buyers are wising up to the fact that there are any lengths to which sellers could go, just to hide a few glaring issues with their homes. And as a result, more buyers have started requesting a home inspection. There’s no getting around it, but to check and assess your home and get it ready on schedule. Here’s a to-do list on what to get done, before the big day arrives!

  • Grant total access: When it comes to a home inspection in Castle Rock CO – you need to ensure that the inspector has total access to your property. He needs to assess the property, evaluate it and finalize his inspection report. And naturally, he needs to evaluate each section as he visits it. There’s no need to hog his footsteps but just make sure that the inspector has total access and that his way is not blocked at any time. While the buyer can make the home inspection contingent on the final agreement, it is nevertheless important to find out if there are any residual flaws and issues. The buyer could request you to lower your price or even to get these fixed on your own. So just make sure that you are there, on hand, when the home inspector asks you relevant queries concerning your property.
  • Take a close look at the exterior: You can bet your last dime that the home inspector would want to inspect the interior of your property as well. So before the big day arrives, it would be advisable to take a walk around your property, check if the grounds are well maintained, and make sure that you check out the sliding, trims, and caulking around the doors and windows. He is sure to pay attention to the same. And while you are at it, you might want to take a closer look to see if there’s any water stagnating on your front or backyards and get it sorted out, before the inspector gets there.
  • Remove the clutter: This is one of the must-to-do things that you need to handle first. When it comes to a home inspection, a clean home is bound to lead to a favorable impression. After all, you would want the inspector to provide the buyer with a positive report so that he can go ahead with the purchase, right? Remove all the clutter and all the rubbish that may have accumulated over time. Just get some contractors and get them to clear out all the clutter and to smarten up the interior as well. If necessary, rearrange the furniture so that it looks better.
  • Check the roof: Before you clamber onto the roof, make sure you read this. Hire the services of a roofing contractor so that he can assess your roof. He is sure to take all the safety precautions when doing so. And what’s more, he is sure to provide you with his detailed assessment regarding the roof. Weigh the issues that need to be fixed and keep in mind that the home inspector is bound to do the same. If you have the time, then go ahead and get these issues fixed before the inspection.

These are some of the key steps that you need to take to prepare for a home inspection.

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