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Four Tips To Have A Bar At Your Wedding Reception

by eadaa

Is your wedding date approaching soon? First of all, congratulations to both of you! Wedding planning can be extremely challenging as there are so many things to do in a short span. The unending list will surely end up making you tired. Finalizing the outfits, list of guests, food sampling and menu, entry and exit, transportation – phew, the list can be endless! But have you thought of the bar? Isn’t a bar essential to a wedding party? It’s a day to raise a toast to all lovely beginnings! So, have you decided on any yet? Some venues have pre-set bars, but you can also plan to have your own.

Questions to ask while planning a bar at the wedding

 If you want to get your wedding reception dream to life, decide on a bar that can serve the best to your guests. Before selecting and stocking your bar at the venue, allocate at least 20 percent of your wedding budget to it. Note that it is an expensive affair! Since it will cost you a lot, you need to be very careful in deciding and planning.

 What type of bar do you want? 

It is the first thing that you need to consider. Are you okay with an open bar where you pay (at a flat rate) and your guests drink? Or do you want a cash bar where guests pay for their drinks? If so, remember to mention that in your invite so that your guests know! Would you host a limited bar with a selection of the choicest liquors? Or are you generous enough to arrange for an unlimited bar where your guests can name a drink and get it! How about having a portable bar? Say you plan a beautiful garden wedding or a sentimental reception in your granny’s backyard – how to arrange for a bar there? Worry not! The bar can come to your wedding! Are you intrigued? Cocktails with Mario offers a mobile bar for hire in London. They are renowned and efficient bartenders who will add zest to your wedding when they bring their well-stocked bar to your event. Their brilliant team skilled in mixology can attract guests at all events. With them, you can have an exciting wedding party. Name any drink under the sun, and they can make it. Also, their bartenders can put up a fantastic show to entice your guests. Isn’t the idea wonderful?

Which alcohol do you want? 

Generally, this depends upon the bartender and the type of bar. If you have a budget in mind, pick your choices accordingly. Create a list of drinks that you wish to have. Shop for them or ask the bartender to arrange. And don’t be stingy about the amount you buy – it’s your special day after all, and you don’t want the merriment to stagger.

What quantity have you decided on? 

An unlimited bar can be heavy on your pocket. If you are willing to spend on it, your guests shall say cheers in glee. But if you have a budget in mind, talk to your bartender frankly. You can decide the ratio of alcohol in each drink that is served. This predetermined value will keep things constant and in balance at the wedding. You may even consider limiting the number of drinks per guest.

 Do you want mocktails? 

While preparing the guest list, think about people who are off alcohol. Is your best friend pregnant? Won’t there be kids at the party? Why not provide some non-alcoholic drinks for them! Your bartender can surely create magical mocktails for them! After all, it is your responsibility to take care of every guest.

 Oh! And since it is your wedding, don’t forget that special bottle of champagne that you can pop open with your partner and raise a toast to your love! Now you know why we emphasized an efficient sommelier. Only an expert bartender can happily entertain so many guests and such a variety of (drink) requests without batting an eyelid.

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