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Four reasons why you should urgently get strip curtains for your business

by eada

Given the fact that there is a pandemic ranging around the world, and one which seems not to show the slightest chance of slowing down. And under these circumstances, ensuring efficient vaccine production and safe storage has become an urgent requirement in several countries. And that’s all the more reason why PVC strip curtains have become the need of the hour, for several countries worldwide. These curtains are effective in ensuring that the vaccines are maintained at optimal temperatures while being distributed to the general public. Just check out the reasons why these PVC curtains are urgently needed by both hospitals and healthcare workers.

  • Temperature control: If you are operating a business that handles production and storage for vaccines and other medical products, then you would require these plastic curtains. For starters, the PVC strip curtains should enable you to store your medical products safely while ensuring that the room temperature is maintained at optimal levels. Just note that there are various types of PVC curtains that you can go for depending on your current need. For example, most of the medical products including vaccines for coronavirus need to be maintained at subzero temperatures. So you need to go for polar strip PVC curtains as they should enable you to store them safely and at the requisite temperature. As a rule, these curtains should be perfect to store items in temperatures ranging from -25C to 40C, though it should be pointed out that you may require a backup power generator as well, to ensure that there’s no power interruption, which can cascade into an all-out power blackout.
  • Heavy traffic areas: There are bound to be a few areas of your production that sees a constant flow of traffic, from forklifts and other machines. For example, these forklifts and other heavy machines would usually help lift the vaccines and other medicines which need to be transported from one area of the production line to be transported to its destination. And in such cases, you would need to go for panel curtains. The panel curtains happen to be strip curtains but with a PVC door panel or two, that immediately open on impact. These would be perfect for a room that has a lot of medicine under storage, and ones that the forklift operators need to move from one place to the other, fast. And that goes double for the vaccines under production which is why these curtains are more than necessary for most medical companies.
  • Antimicrobial plastic curtains: These strip curtains are most definitely required in places where both medical products, as well as vaccines are under production. Apart from these areas, you can also utilize these strip curtains in hospitals, restaurants, and even food kiosks. Essentially the PVC curtains contain a few additives along with the usual, to the extent that they can help kill various forms of bacteria, such as Salmonella, E Coli, MRSA, and more. They are also known to inhibit the growth of fungi and moss, which should ensure that your room is well maintained, under hygienic conditions at all times.
  • Flying insects: Just when you are trying to keep the production line clean, hygienic, and bacteria-free, you get invaded by flying insects. The fact of life is that insects, in general, are attracted to lights, whether it is your car or the production line at your company. And one of the effective ways to curtain these late-night visitors is to employ strip curtains that are dosed well with citronella. Citronella is an insect repellent and with these curtains, you and your employees should be able to resume work, without any further hassle.

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