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Expert Advice And Recommendations For Airbnb Hosts

by Andrewrc
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Predominantly, Airbnb is an online marketplace that connects people, who want to rent their house to people who need them at different locations away from their home. At present, it covers over 100,000 cities and 220 countries worldwide.

Subsequently, for the hosts, it is an incredible idea to earn surplus income but it includes the fear of making their property damaged. For the guests, the benefits are enormous by getting comfortable accommodations but keeping the risk that the property will not be appealing as in the advert.

The Advantages of Airbnb

Airbnb hosts can utilize the Airbnb website to list every type of room that they possess. It can be of single rooms, a suite of rooms, apartments, moored yachts, entire houses, and even a castle.

  • Free Posting:

Hosts don’t have to pay to any website for exhibiting their property advert. It is absolutely free and while listing they can provide it with multiple photos with captions, descriptions, and a profile of the hosts where guests can get a brief about the hosts.

  • Free to Fix Price:

The hosts can decide the price of the property, which they are lending. It is ultimately at the hosts’ discretion on how much to charge per night, per week, or month.

  • Sort-out properties:

Guests can search the Airbnb database not only by date and location but by price, type of property, amenities, and even the language of the host.

  • Additional Services:

Recently, sites like Airbnb has expanded its services by providing a list of good restaurants, sightseeing spots nearby the property. Besides the list, it also includes trustable reviews from the local Airbnb hosts.

  • Protection For Guests And Hosts:

As a protection for the guests, Airbnb holds the guest’s payments for 24hours after check-in before giving the funds to the host. For hosts, the Airbnb Host Guarantee program protects up to $1,00,000 for damages to cover property in the rare event of guest damage.

Tips for Airbnb Hosts

  • Where to Start:

If you are deeply thinking about commencing a business through Airbnb by becoming a host, certain adequate measures need to be followed for its successful functioning.

  • Goals Versus Expectations:

Goals should be clearly defined. By starting an Airbnb business, you should define the goal, is it for a primary source of income or for making some pocket money? Depending on these goals one should evaluate the amount of capital needed, and how much risk may be involved.

  • Reviewing Guests:

Reviewing guests should be taken as a significant step as it allows you to provide honest feedback and support the Airbnb community. As a new Airbnb host, reviews should be given sufficient importance as it is the only way to know about Airbnb to those who are newer to the platform.

What do you Want to Get Out of Hosting

At the outset, mainly there are three types of hosts. One, those who just want to earn extra money with the available space in their home and some of them are those who want a stable secondary income, and certain people seriously consider the Airbnb business as a main source of income.

If you are the one who is aiming for more income, there needs to be more planning, capital, work, and the risk involved also increases. What you want to achieve will determine the location, size, and nature of your listings and the strategies that are being used.

Possess Realistic Expectations About Time Commitment

Money will not come  as soon as you list your property on the Airbnb website. It takes time to communicate with the potential customers, who keep enquiring about things before booking the property. Subsequently, it takes time and effort to earn great reviews. So, it is always better to set the right expectations about the time commitment.

To have a long and successful Airbnb listing, definitely one has to invest time, money, and commitment to the process. Even though everything is set to go, again you should spend a considerable amount of time handling bookings, and make sure everything is ready and fixed. If you don’t have this kind of time and flexibility, then it is always good to rethink being a host.


Airbnb hosts are connecting millions of people to a common platform who are searching for a suitable property in a new location for a fixed period. Predominantly, Airbnb is an American company that operates an online marketplace for accommodating people who are new in a particular place. Thus, apps like Airbnb is helping people to discover an appropriate location at a cheaper price at a completely strange place. The concept of Airbnb is gaining wide prominence in this 21st century due to its plethora of fascinating benefits and its flexibility in use.

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