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Do British Airways Give Free Upgrades?

by bryancranston700
Do British Airways give free upgrades?

British Airways is a flag carrier in the United Kingdom. The airline successfully takes its flyers across the world with its 250+ flights. Passengers know British Airways as one of the most affordable airlines with excellent travel services. You can book your flights and travel to more than 180 international and national locations.

You can not just make bookings with the airline but can also update an existing British Airways booking. People change their plans usually but do not get an upgrade because they think it’s a chargeable service. However, British Airways does provide this service for free too.

This blog revolves around the same. We will introduce you to how you can make a flight upgrade for free.

Ways to Make British Airways Upgrade

With British Airways, you can make flight upgrades to first-class in various ways. You can use miles, vouchers, etc. There are mainly three ways to get a British Airways Seat Upgrade.

  • Upgrade with miles on an existing flight reservation-

If you already have a British booking with you and you desire to upgrade your seat from economy to first class, you can use the miles from your airline’s account and get a much better seat for free. You earn these miles on every flight travel with the airline.

  • Using miles on a new reservation-

When you’re making a new booking in cash or with miles, you can make an upgrade with any of the two. It is better to use miles (if you have any) and get the upgrade for free.

  • Upgrade using gold upgrade vouchers of the airline’s club-

Another way is using vouchers. If you meet a few elite status requirements, then the airline will upgrade you and your plus one to a better cabin. It will provide you with a gold upgrade voucher which you can use before its expiration date.

How to Upgrade your British Airways Booking

Now that you know the various ways to make a free British Airways seat upgrade, let us see the procedure for the same.

  • Visit the British Airways website on your computer and wait for the homepage to load.
  • Once there, head to the managed booking option from the menu bar.
  • Here, enter your booking information including the confirmation number and the last name on the flight ticket. You can find the confirmation number on the email that the airline must have sent you at the time of booking.
  • Once you see the booking details, head to the options and click on flight change.
  • This is where you can make the seat up-gradation to your pre-booked flight ticket.
  • Lastly, on the payment page, use your miles or cash and get your desired seat.
  • The airline will mail you once they successfully upgrade your seat (if available).

The airline understands that people change their minds every now and then. Therefore, it provides free British Airways seat upgrade. Just go along the above-mentioned steps and you will get a much better and more satisfactory travel experience than you initially expected.

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