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Brazilian Butt Lift Surgery

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A fat transfer procedure is a process of transferring a patient’s own excess fat from one region of the body to another. After an initial consultation, where your board-certified plastic surgeon will discuss your goals, realistic expectations, and exam your area of concern, a liposuction procedure is performed to remove excess fat. The fat is processed and then injected into the buttocks during a single office visit. Most patients will experience minimal discomfort and can go back to work or resume normal activity within a day or two following surgery. Further results are usually visible within 8 weeks, but with optimal results in 12-18 months.

Who is the candidate for buttock enhancement?

Wanting to enhance their rear, many women will opt for implants. However, the best candidates are those who have some of their own fat; this is because fat can give a more natural enhancement as opposed to implant. If a patient is not overweight and has good genetics, she can have either of the two done at the same time and with little pain by a qualified plastic surgeon.

What are the expectations during a consultation for buttock enhancement?

We have a reputation for being the best and most experienced Brazilian butt lift surgeons and are dedicated to providing each patient with personalized care. After your initial consultation, the surgeon will review the appropriate Brazilian butt lift procedure to meet your personal goals so you can make an informed decision about surgery. Our cosmetic surgeons are among the most experienced in our Euromed clinic when it comes to Brazilian butt lifts and is skilled in performing this complex procedure.

What are the risks?

Implants and fat grafting are each associated with certain risks, which can include infection, bleeding, fat loss or tissue death, swelling, or asymmetry. Infection is less likely as compared to surgery which is performed in other areas of the body. But just like with any invasive procedure – there is a risk of developing scarring, asymmetry, and the need for revision surgeries.

How is Brazilian butt lift performed?

A Brazilian butt lift surgery is a procedure that uses fat transfer to augment and lift the buttocks. The procedure has gained popularity as an alternative to implants, which may have complications from capsular contracture or other reasons. The most common reason for fat grafting or fat transfer is for breast enhancement procedures, but it can also be used for other body parts, such as the buttocks. Liposuction is typically used to harvest the fat cells from another part of the body, such as the abdomen or back. Multiple liposuction sessions may be required to harvest all the fat necessary for injection. After removal of the fat, it is processed and prepared for injection.

What should you expect during your buttock enhancement recovery period?

The Brazilian Butt Lift recovery period will vary depending on the patient. However, it is typically recommended that patients not sit on their buttocks for 2-3 weeks following their procedure in order to avoid complications and enhance results. It is also important that patients are placed in supportive garments during this recovery period. Patients are also advised to avoid activities such as bending over. This type of activity should ultimately be avoided for 3 months after surgery.

What results should you expect from your butt lift?

Your own butt lift surgery results will vary depending on your body type and the amount of fat that your plastic surgeon was able to reabsorb. You will be required to take at least a couple of days off from all physical activity in order to recover, but some patients may need up to three months before they can resume their normal activity levels.

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