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A guide to robotics technologies

The world is getting to the autonomous terms and the usage of the robots in the field and sectors is also increasing and readily preferred.

by itsolivialiam

The robotics is an amazing branch of science that has been evolved using the branches like the engineering science, including electrical engineering, the mechanical engineering, electronics, information technology and computer science. The usage of the robotics involves the design, the construction and the operation with the use of the robots and also the use of the computer aided systems for the controlling of them to process the assigned task and then send the information and the data back to the system.

The history of robotics falls from the 1940s. For a fully autonomous robot, this was being accomplished in the 20th century. The very first digitally operated robot that was named the Unimate was being installed in the 1961 year. The purpose of this robot at that time was to lift the hot pieces of the metal from the casting machine.

In today’s world the use of the robotics is getting more and more and it is more used in the field of commercial and the industrial usage. The robots have already replaced the human power that used to do the work manually and will be lacking the speed, precision and the power. Today the robots are being used instead of the humans that are cheaper, more accurate functioning and more reliable. The use of the robotics is best for the jobs that are dangerous for the humans to perform like the jobs that include the dirt, dull and poisonous substances to deal with do my programming homework. The robotics are the main and the vital component in today’s world where the immense use of them lies in the manufacturing, assembling, packing and loading. The other takes like the mining, space explorations, transportation and the weaponry tasks and also the medical surgery and safety tasks are being performed by the robots.

The types of robots that we use to see these days are for all different aspects and purposes and are also built for the specific industry and task that they perform.

The industrial robots are used in the making of the machinery and the mega products like cars. The assembling of the parts of the cars, the painting of the cars and the picking and loading of the heavy machinery engines in to the cars area all done by the robots that are made for the manufacturing and the industrial purposes.

The agriculture is a vast sector and the attention for this sector is a must. With the technology advancements there have been so many amazing benefits for the agriculture sectors. The making of the robotics and the heavy machinery in this sector has made the work so much faster and easier that has helped the farmers to achieve more productivity and the fast paced work has increased the efficiency. The drones are being used in the farms and the field to detect the harmful insects and also for the purpose of providing the data and the analysis of the image. The huge harvesting machines are now being used to harvest the fields with the fast pace and then collect the fruits and the veggies with the help of the sample machines.

The domestic robots are also being in the use in the latest developments that are called the humanoids. They work as the maid works and helps in cooking cleaning and the lift the items. The robots can cook up to so many dishes that they are instructed with the installed recipes. The voice commands are also the key features of the latest robots that are being used to order them for work.

Other than these fields the medical field is rich with the use of the robotics and the latest thing that we have come to see is the robots performing the operations and the surgeries. This autonomous task is a risky one but the experiments have been successful and in the future we will surely see the amazing and the most important and risky tasks being done by the robotics.

The robots are one of the greatest inventions for the world to get benefit from, but on the other hand the robots have already taken over the jobs that the people have been doing for years. This is the reason for the many unemployment of the people. On the other hand the robots have made the work much faster and accurate and the precision in the work as compared to the humans are much more than ever. In future we can predict that the loss of jobs for the people will also increase as more robotics will be introduced to do what the people are doing now.

“The article is written by Olivia Liam who is a mechanical engineer”



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