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A Complete Guide To Protein Powder

by dorothygracious70
Protein Powder

Protein powder is one of the best and most popular nutritional supplements on the market. It’s the best product for producing hormones and enzymes, repairing tissues, and building muscles. What’s more, they even help tone your muscles and reduce your weight! Thanks to its innumerable uses and benefits, we suggest getting protein powder if you wish to improve your muscles and your overall health.

So before you head over to the Canadian protein website, here is a brief overview of protein powder – its types, benefits, and more. So let’s get started!

Types of Protein Powder 

While the most popular protein powder on Canadian protein is a whey protein powder, there are other types. Here are some of the most commonly available protein powders –

  • Whey

The most widely-known and commonly chosen form of protein powder is whey. It is a water-soluble milk complete protein containing a high amount of amino acids. What’s more, the body can also absorb this protein very easily and quickly. Therefore, most dieticians recommend whey protein powders to athletes and bodybuilders.

  • Hemp

Another complete protein is hemp seed. Full of useful fatty acids, this is a great choice for anyone with soy and dairy allergies or a vegan.

  • Casein

Casein is filled with glutamine, an essential amino acid that helps after exercise recovery. It is derived from dairy and is thus off-limits for vegans and lactose-intolerant individuals. Since this protein is slightly more difficult to digest, it is best consumed at night. 

  • Pea

Pea protein is a good plant-based protein powder that works as an alternative for dairy and soy protein. In addition, it is a great source of arginine, an essential amino acid. 

  • Soy

If you do not consume or are allergic to dairy, soy protein is a great option. It is easily available and is also full of various essential amino acids. 

All these protein powders can be consumed easily. The most common way to consume them is by making protein shakes. One can also add them to their nutritious breakfasts, like pancakes or smoothies.

Now that we know the different types of protein powders let’s look at their various benefits. 

Benefits Of Protein Powder 

  • Manages Weight

The main reason why it’s so popular is that it helps maintain one’s weight. Canadian protein powder helps individuals to feel fuller for longer. In addition, it results in people reducing their snacking and even helps them maintain smaller food portion sizes. Thus, obese individuals can take protein powders regularly to get their daily nutrient requirements and reduce their total fat mass and body weight. 

  • Helps In Muscle Growth

One of the primary reasons why protein is consumed is because it helps grow muscle. Several gym enthusiasts and athletes will consume protein powder shakes as it helps them to increase their muscle growth during strength training. Several studies have also been conducted in this area, and all of the results have been positive. The research has confirmed that using It can improve one’s muscle strength and size with time, especially in adults who lift weights.

  • Provides Additional Nutrition

Now, the daily recommended intake of protein for adults is pretty high – for men, it is 56g, and for women, it is 46g. Most of us cannot meet these high amounts, especially vegetarians or vegans. For those with these problems, protein powder is a great alternative. It fills in any nutrient gap and is super delicious too!

Also, if any individual is suffering from chronic diseases or is aging, weightlifters or athletes must consume extra protein. For them, it is not always feasible to increase their food sources of protein.

  • Helps In After Exercise Recovery

Athletes and bodybuilders have to undergo rigorous training almost every day. For them, they must concentrate on their muscle growth and muscle repair. So coaches advise them to increase intake via protein powder to help repair damaged tissues and muscles. It speeds up the recovery time considerably, allowing them to retain their muscle growth from their workout. 


Now, Canadian protein powder does not have any side effects. However, it is best to consult a dietician or doctor before consuming it. They will work out your body’s protein requirements and help you to figure out your daily optimum dosage of supplements!


So now you know how beneficial protein powder is for improving your health. Be it for muscle building, to fill any nutrient gap, or to lose weight; It is your right choice. So what are you waiting for? Go to the Canadian Protein Canada website and get your protein powder today. They even have some exciting offers and discounts, so check it out!

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