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5 Mistakes To Avoid To Keep Your Air Conditioning in Hickory NC Running

by amydav

Did you know that if you take good care of your home air conditioning in Hickory, NC, it is most like to give you approximately 15 years of trouble-free service? However, like other mechanical equipment, the AC needs regular maintenance and care to perform at its best otherwise; you will have to contend with higher energy consumption, short equipment lifespan and most frequent repairs?

When it comes to the elements and temperature, the air conditioner is more than efficient at standing on its own. However, when homeowners intervene and do something that they shouldn’t, an AC could be in trouble, which is why we always recommend homeowners to connect with an efficient HVAC contractor.

Though we usually talk about things homeowners should be doing for their HVAC systems, such as cleaning air vents and changing air filters, we will try something different today. In this blog, we will put a spotlight on the mistakes that most homeowners commit with their air conditioning in Hickory, NC and will emphasize who professional care is important. Let us get started:

A great thumb rule to remember about an air conditioner is that if you think you can open it up to repair or perform a task, then it is always a wise move to avoid it. Anything other than replacing the air filters will surely be an intrusion to a place that demands technical expertise.

  • Making Repeated Thermostat Adjustments

You are surely increasing the workload of the air conditioner and the risk of expensive repairs or premature component failures if you constantly fiddle with the thermostat to maintain an ideal temperature for yourself. Rather, you can install more seal earrings and insulation in your home for increasing comfort and saving a lot of energy. Apart from this, you can also get a programmable thermostat installation and use it for making daily temperature adjustments around your usual routine.

  • Neglecting Yearly Maintenance

When you have an HVAC professional perform annual maintenance for your air conditioning just before each cooling season, it will keep your air conditioning running efficiently and reliably.  If homeowners fail to do a yearly air conditioning repair in Hickory, NC, it can lose 5% of its cooling capacity every season. Moreover, regular maintenance also allows the professionals to catch and correct any problems before they escalate into inconvenient breakdowns and costly repairs.

  • Opening Up the Air Conditioner

Oftentimes, homeowners think they can easily open up the air conditioner system to do a targeted repair. They think it shouldn’t be too difficult to get in there and repair it. But, unfortunately, the moment you put your hands inside the AC, millions of red flags arise.

Firstly, you are most likely to void the system’s warranty by opening it and trying to do the repair yourself. Secondly, the process of diagnosing the problem and fixing it with suitable tools is quite delicate. The system can get damaged or even break if you touch anything or bump a component you are not supposed to. So, it is best not to risk when professionals do this for a living.

  • Patching Refrigerant Leaks

If your air conditioning in Hickory, NC, is making a bubbling or hissing noise, it usually denotes a refrigerant leak coming from somewhere in your AC. However, if you are thinking about patching it up with the help of a few helpful DIY tutorials online you found online, you are greatly mistaken. Refrigerants can be harmful to breathe and harmful to the eyes, nose, mouth, and skin as well. Therefore, it is best to be left with a trained professional as they have appropriate tools and, most importantly, the skills to do it.

Apart from being harmful to the inexperienced and not to mention the unlicensed, dealing with the refrigerant will cause more harm than good. You just cannot put duct tape over the air conditioner’s refrigerant line and think the work is done. These jobs call for specialized equipment and a well-trained eye to ensure everything is done according to the code. So do yourself a favour and call an expert and don’t make things worse.

These are some of the mistakes people usually commit regarding air conditioning in Hickory, NC.


Many homeowners operate the air conditioners without putting sufficient forethought into maximizing efficiency and making it easier for the system to keep interior air cool despite the high temperatures outside. There are so many things on the line, be it system warranties or dealing with delicate components. It is best not to jeopardize the air conditioner’s health by trying a DIY fix. We hope this article helped you understand what you should not do to your air conditioners and the importance of HPSC professionals.


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