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5 activities that should be completely avoided to protect your mental health.

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Having a peaceful, content mind is the greatest blessing. Being at peace with oneself and life is something everyone tries to achieve nowadays. Healthy mental health does not come naturally to everyone. Everyday stress and hectic lifestyle eventually take their toll. Some life events can also make you mentally unhappy and sometimes it can lead to crises.

Experts believe that everyone faces a mental breakdown at one or the other time in their lives. To reach a point where you are easily able to understand how to maintain your mental health is absolutely necessary but it is not always possible to get there easily and early. Even if you are well aware of the importance of mental health you might not know what triggers it’s going worse and what helps your mental health to thrive. Here is a list of events that can easily mar your mental health.

  • An unhealthy sleeping pattern

A healthy sleeping pattern that lasts for an average of eight hours is absolutely necessary. One might think that working through the night and getting up early the next morning is a superpower which is absolutely wrong. Sleep duration and pattern are absolutely necessary for the functioning of the brain and the human body.

Adelaide psychological services believe that poor sleep patterns lead to heightened stress, anger and cause of irritation. Unexplained sadness has also been reported in people who do not sleep well. Oversleeping can be a toxic habit too. Basically, a healthy sleeping pattern which also means the right duration is imperative for a healthy mind and body.


The idea that everything can be achieved through hard work has been projected as the ultimate tool of achieving success. The disadvantages of overworking and not having a healthy work-life balance have never been mentioned.

There are some jobs that need much more than normal durations but that does not mean the other part of life has to be ignored. Drowning oneself into too much work can take a serious toll on mental health which can have dangerous effects.


Social media was introduced in our lives to have us stay connected and have easy access to a lot of information. The diversification of the services that have been provided on various social media platforms has not only led to its increased consumption but has also led to self-esteem issues.

Looking at a friend who seems to look more successful in life can cause a lot of trauma to the contemporaries. Some people even fake a certain lifestyle on social media which is again not healthy. Spending too much time on such platforms is not at all advisable for a healthy mind.


A sedentary lifestyle where you just focus on some limited aspects of life and believe that fitness is a non issue has a very bad effect on the mind and the body. The body starts to accumulate weight at the wrong places that can cause serious damage to the vital organs. A fitness routine has been proved to be very fruitful to the mental health of people. It releases certain hormones that are responsible for making a person happy. 


Everyone has people in their lives who pull them down and bring out the worst in them. With time one tends to get to know who all those people are. Try to avoid such toxic people as much as possible. It is absolutely necessary for your mental well-being. Avoid the triggers and see for yourself how peaceful it is. 

Everyone has the right to be happy. More importantly, everyone should be aware of what knocks their mental health down. Meeting toxic people or not being fit are just a few of them.

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