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Yoga Asanas For High Blood Pressure

Yoga Asanas For High Blood Pressure

by aymyogas123
Yoga Asanas For High Blood Pressure

Yoga Asanas For High Blood Pressure

Yoga, in the simplest terms, is a way of life. What if I tell you that there are asanas that can help you regulate your high blood pressure? The best thing about yoga is that if done in the right way, it can take care of a lot of aspects. Our yoga teacher training program at Association for Yoga and Meditation focuses on this particular segment. We have tried to formulate a course structure that is based on asanas that point to different problem areas. 

Many think only medicine is the right solution when discussing high blood pressure. However, that is not the case, and regular practice of some asanas can be quite amazing! 

One of the major causes of high blood pressure is chronic stress. Anyone who has done yoga knows that yoga’s major aim is to calm your stress points. As a professional YTT center, AYM has taken up the onus to make it better and more comprehensive for all enthusiasts. 

However, today we have curated some of the most promising asanas, which are highly effective for high blood pressure. Yoga has been a way of life; if done correctly, it could be very effective. 

High blood pressure is a raging cause among individuals, and the way it is spreading is also quite alarming. If you want to start your pursuit as an instructor and want to impart the knowledge of healthy living, there is nothing better than yoga! 

The professional yoga teaching course at AYM aims to train students with several asanas that can regulate high blood pressure. We will speak about some of them and their significance as well for each of the asanas.

Do Practising Some Yoga Poses Really Regulate Your High Blood Pressure?

There are a lot of people who are often doubting whether practicing yoga asanas can bring down high blood pressure. After all, high blood pressure is a medical condition! The most important thing to remember here is that yoga is a way of life, making you much more healthy as well. 

The most crucial aspect is lifestyle management when an individual is first diagnosed with high blood pressure or hypertension. Along with regular medication, a crucial requirement is an active lifestyle with attention to your diet and exercise. 

You need to be very regular if you want to reap the benefits of the asanas. The most important thing here is that there is immense attention on your breathing and relaxation techniques. This will automatically ensure that you can calm your nerves down and consequently help your high blood pressure go down severely. There should be a balance between all the components, which can help regulate your high blood pressure more easily. At AYM, the yoga teacher training certification course that we have designed will focus ample on all the parameters for better knowledge. 

Yoga Asanas That Are Instrumental In Regulating High Blood Pressure

Although there are tons of yoga asanas that could be extremely beneficial for regulating your high blood pressure, today, we will be talking about a few of them. Some of the most promising options that you can try out in this case are:

BalasanaThe first yoga asana that we are going to be talking about today, which has been proven to be highly beneficial when it comes to regulating high blood pressure, is none other than Balasana. All this is the literal or the Sanskrit rendition of the Asana; in standard terms, it is always referred to as the child posture. Even in our Yoga training course at AYM, this posture is given a lot of precedence because of the amazing benefits that it tends to have for the body. In order to perform this particular Asana or you need to sit in an upright posture on your legs or padmasana. Take a deep breath and bend forward with your hand stretched out. The Asana will reciprocate a child, and you have to make sure that you focus on breathing patterns as well. 

The benefits of Balasana are quite a few, and the best thing is that it will calm you down completely and relax the body. This will be instrumental for your blood pressure as well because the nerves will be replaced, and hence regulation will be easy. Not only that, the hips will soon be open more widely for better movement. Make sure that you practice Balasana regularly and keep your breathing patterns in the right rhythm.


The Paschimottanasan is also another very popular yoga Asana. But many people do not know that this one is instrumental when it comes to the regulation of high blood pressure. The common term for this particular Asana is none other than seated forward bend. 

As you can make out from the name itself, the yoga asana is quite straightforward, and all you need to do is sit in an upright posture. Once that has been done, you need to stretch your legs forward and slowly come down.

Make sure that both your hands are touching your feet, and you need to be constantly breathing. At AYM, we have been providing registered yoga teacher training courses, and Paschimottanasan is a very important part of the same. It is true that the posture might not be accurate in the first go, but with time and practice, it is supposed to get better. Because you are bending forward, it could be calming for your nerves and hence right for lowering high blood pressure. 

Janu Sirsasana

Here you need to be sitting in an upright posture with one of your legs bent and the other one open on one side. Once that has been done, you can choose to bend on the side where the leg is open and stretch with your other hand, trying to reach out. When you are stretching, make sure that the other hand is resting on the bent leg. This will give you a much better grip as well. Just like most other postures where you need to focus on your breathing patterns, this one, too, demands the same. 

The most effective benefit of this particular arsenal is that it stretches your muscles and ensures ample blood circulation. This will be automatically beneficial for your high blood pressure, and you will be able to see the repercussions as well.


As a potential yoga therapy teacher training course, the ultimate idea is to make sure that we can help you with the best asanas. One such Asana which has been instrumental with the highest effectivity rate is none other than Virasana.

For this posture, sit with your legs spread to the hip distance. The top of your feet has to be pointing straight behind you, and this will make the posture much more accurate as well. In order to perform Virasana in the right way, make sure that you focus on extended exhales. How will that benefit your Asana? A very important implication of these extended exhalations is that they calm your nervous system down. This calming and relaxing effect will significantly lower your high blood pressure.

However, women, on the other hand, have a 44% probability of the same. Hence it is important to make sure that if you are a male, you do these yoga postures more.

Baddha Konasana

And finally, the last yoga posture to relax your high blood pressure is none other than Baddha Konasana. This is indeed a very important part of our yoga teacher training program, and we make sure that the students understand the implications.

Here you need to sit with your soles touching each other. Just let your knees bend and keep touching the sole. You can choose to keep your hands on the ground for extra support—circulation and hence effective on high blood pressure. 

If you want the best of YTT certification and want to specialize in such forms of yoga, which have medical significance, feel free to get in touch. At the Association for Yoga and Meditation, it is our ultimate prerogative to help you with the best. 

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