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Witness The Profitable Future of eCommerce In India

by orangemantra
Witness The Profitable Future of eCommerce In India

Who can even think of receiving groceries delivered in just 10-min? No one would have thought of such an advanced eCommerce mechanism of quick shopping and delivery on the fly. Now, it’s a fascinating reality. And, future of eCommerce in India is heading towards a bright future ahead. It’s stated from the fact that the eCommerce sector is expected to grow 21.5% and hit $74.8 billion in revenue in 2022.

This is just the beginning itself with the active collaboration of digitally disrupted devices, advanced technologies, and factors influencing the rise.

Undoubtedly, eCommerce has grown to exponential heights in India simply because of the increasing penetration of smartphones. Much of the credit goes to the unexpected pandemic since 2020 that gave a thoughtful idea to retailers. It allows several retailers to rely on eCommerce website development services to create an online product selling platform.

The future of the digital retail industry in the biggest democratic nation in the world is heading towards a growth side. Look below as to which factors are responsible for enhancing the reach of eCommerce and increasing the revenue models of retailers.

Technologies Shaping the Future of eCommerce

Technology has played a pivotal role in reshaping the retail sector from traditional brick and mortar to eCommerce. Right now, several technologies like AI, Augmented Reality, the Internet of Things, etc, help enrich the potential of eCommerce. We listed examples of a few of the transformative eCommerce technologies that focus more on enhancing the personalized shopping experience and enable to sell more.

1. Voice Search:

The use of voice search is getting extensive popularity. It allows customers to use in-built mobile or external connected speakers to search for relevant products quickly. The technology makes it further convenient for shoppers to search, filter, and select products while on the go.

2. Chatbots:

Positive customer service has always been the backbone of the retail sector to understand user requirements and issues. Simply look at the transition of customer support at the retail store to a Chatbot answering queries in real-time. The infusion of Artificial Intelligence technology allows the implementation of a Chatbot system to meet customers’ requirements in a 24/7 running environment.

3. Augmented Reality:

Another remarkable trend to witness in eCommerce is the increasing usage of Augmented Reality technology. You must have experienced trying sunglasses online to place

home decor in empty spaces virtually. In the time ahead, Augmented Reality allows retail platforms to create digital products shelves, digital mirrors, and more.

Key Factors Influencing the eCommerce in India

There is a multitude of factors reshaping the future of  eCommerce sector and further enriching it to a whole new level. It’s happening based on the changing customer preferences and requirements.

1. Rise of Omnichannel Platforms:

Customers are resorting to an omnichannel shopping experience as per their changing preferences. It allows several retailers to adopt both the offline and online mediums of selling products. Also, the integrated technologies help manage the supply chain, order management, and stock availability of distinctive channels with ease.

2. Headless Commerce is the Future:

Headless Commerce is a refined way of offering a personalized user experience to customers. It allows enterprises to decouple the front-end from the backend and make statutory changes accordingly. The eCommerce company relies on Prestashop development company or any other platform-related assistance to couple APIs fetched systems.

3. Social Commerce Will Grow To New Heights:

Multi-channel product offering is on the rise. It is because of secured payment gateway across distinctive channels and quick integration of data. Social commerce allows retailers to do product marketing and selling at the same time on several social handles and increase the reach simultaneously.

Bottom Line

The eCommerce industry in India is sure to witness tremendous growth ahead. It is because of conglomerated technologies, experienced, data integration, and other major factors. If you too are part of this industry, then it’s high time to revamp, revolutionize, and enhance with a reliable partner. You can rely on OrangeMantra as a leading WooCommerce development company along with other extensive retail platform services.

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