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Why Healthcare Application Development Services in the USA?

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Healthcare Application Development

The healthcare sector has taken immense strides in the last few years to expand and reach the masses, and this is not surprising considering that the healthcare industry in the United States alone accounts for 18% of GDP. This massive opportunity has resulted in an increased proliferation of healthcare application development services in the USA. Healthcare app development companies have witnessed manifold growth in their revenue generation over the past few years, thanks to the mobile app development trend that has brought about several new benefits to this sector of IT industries.

There are many digital health apps available

Whether it is for weight loss, fitness or simply to monitor one’s vitals. No matter which one you use, make sure you check if it has been created by an American company as apps from US companies come with certain quality guarantees that are absent from most of their foreign counterparts. It is because only 15% of apps available on healthcare market have been designed and developed by professionals. So beware!

Patients could easily fall prey to their claims

They are sensitive and terrified, they will probably trust anyone who says they can provide a remedy. Imagine that you need help and meet someone who is eager to prescribe a drug without even hearing your voice. This is exactly what happens with patients when they visit a doctor’s office—the Internet makes it easier to create an application that could apply not only to healthcare professionals but also to any person interested in solving medical problems.

Patient information privacy is at risk

The Privacy Rule applies to health plans, which include health insurance issuers and third-party administrators (TPAs) of self-funded group health plans. Health care providers, including hospitals, clinics, physician offices and other settings where healthcare services are provided. If your healthcare organization needs help keeping patient information private or want to get a new system designed, we can help you with healthcare application development services in America.

The industry needs quality assurance

In 2015, Inc. magazine estimated that healthcare costs in America would total $3.35 trillion. That is why so many firms and companies are looking to develop apps or programs with which they can improve or even revolutionize patient care. This is where professional healthcare application development services come into play. The US market offers plenty of opportunities for developers to take on worthwhile projects, deliver products that will help out their fellow citizens, and make a profit by bringing much-needed tools to doctors and patients across America.

Accurate data about medication adherence, treatment effectiveness, provider quality, etc. is missing
Given how expensive and important healthcare is, it is surprising how little we actually know about how it works. It’s often a matter of privacy to protect sensitive patient information, but there are other reasons as well.

There’s a shortage of tech talent

A recent study found that by 2020, an estimated 1.4 million IT jobs will go unfilled, and nearly 500,000 of those vacancies will be for software developers. The problem is only growing as companies are increasingly becoming dependent on technology to help them stay competitive. In fact, Accenture predicts that by 2018, 66 percent of executives at big companies say their success will be completely or partially dependent on their ability to use digital channels to generate demand and drive growth.

Mobile apps make doctors more accessible

Nearly 1/3 of American adults have smartphones and half are on Facebook, LinkedIn, or Twitter. Despite all of that time spent online, patients find it difficult to get in touch with their doctors via computer or mobile app. The lack of technology makes it hard for people to schedule appointments or even request medication refills without showing up at their doctor’s office or calling during regular business hours—neither of which is convenient.

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