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Why Firms Prefer Slat Chains for Efficient Conveyor Systems

by spectraplast

Conveyor System has now become the most mandated industrial system to make the production line more efficient and effective. 

The market and demand fluctuations forced the organization to satisfy customer requirements within a short while. Optimization and efficient management practices, directly and indirectly, influence product success. 

Time waits for none. 

Customers are always king/queen. 

Stay Ahead of your Competitors 

Though your firm introduces the best products, at the end of the day, they are the decision-makers. 

Nowadays, there is no chance of the organization to lead as a monopoly in the market. Competitions are everywhere. 

Saving time in the supply chain is the only possible solution to increase your customer base. 

“Change”, the Odd Breaker 

Every product has its own cult customers. Making your firm’s bottom line end up in positive or negative sign depends on how you convert the opportunity into rupees and dollars. 

Resisting to change is resisting to make more profits. 

Many firms are missing great deals due to their rigid decision-making. 

Though many firms started to implement 6 sigma and lean management, they failed to practice modern operations consistently. 

What else can a firm do?

Supply chain management and optimization is the main key factor that greatly influences the firm’s success. Implementing and practicing the advanced conveyor systems helps your firm to operate efficiently. 

The production line optimization supports the organization in increasing the throughput ratio and turnover of the product. 

Slat Chain is one of the most important conveyor components which accelerates the operational efficiency to the maximum level. 

Any constraints during the product transit greatly affect the overall operational time. 

Friction plays a Vital role

The product to be transferred has direct contact with the slat chain. Thus it is very important to analyze the required friction between the chain and the product. 

Friction developed during the transportation results in complete transfer without causing any damage or operational bottlenecks. 

During the transit, it is mandated to ensure proper friction is maintained for a complete transfer of the products. 

Slat Chain fitted with the modular belt ensures the desired friction is maintained throughout the procedure. 

Slat Chain Enables Controlled Operation Cost

The products conveyed without using slat chains in the modular belt result in high idle time and maintenance costs.

Product damage reduces the functioning of the conveyor system. It is practically impossible to carry out the transportation irrespective of the damage that occurred in the production line. 

The alteration of the modular belt and the conveyor system incurs high investment. Slat Chains are the best option for your firm to control the operating costs. 

The major advantage is that any damage in the product line is easily analyzed and maintained. 

Making the Right Decision

The installation of slat chains is being increased at 3x time compared to a few years back. Slat chain ensures and enables the user to maintain the conveyor system specifically at the actual constraint. 

The materials used in the manufacturing of the slat conveyor component are suitable for operating in different working conditions. 

The importance of slat chains is now being realized by firms and industrial organizations. 

As the complete system is made of the formation of individual slat components it is very much easier to alter the damaged part rather than changing the entire system. 

Make Less Capital Investment

Slat chain is highly cost-effective. The capital investment required for the conveyor system is a one-time investment. 

The type of material used in the manufacturing of the chain greatly depends on the working condition and factory temperature. If any damages occur in the system, the maintenance time required for the new component replacement incurs very little. 

The Time Saver

Literally, you are saving lots of time which in turn supports your firm in achieving maximum productivity. 

In business, time is directly proportional to money. 

When the machine idle time is comparatively low thus enhancing the uninterrupted production line. Reduced overall operational time enables your firm to deliver the product within the ETA. 

Move the Products at the Pre-defined Motion

Slat Chain in the conveyor system results is suitable for operating at different speed adjustments. 

When the conveyor system runs at a higher speed the product placed on the belt tends to lose its grip at curves and sharp corners. 

With the help of a slat chain, the products are highly retained when it is operated at different speeds and due to the coefficient of friction, it is greatly possible to retain the product from free fall. 

The Bottom Line 

Slat Chain conveyor system is a modular and ergonomic solution to enhance the production line operations. 

Installing this system ensures maximum operational efficiency and controlled product transfer. This conveyor component creates the required friction between the system and the product. 

Conveying the products throughout the span area of the industry needs increased attention and maximum care. 

Slat Chain is the best choice for your firm as it greatly reduces the bottlenecks involved in the product flow. 

Depending on your requirements, choose the type of slat chain that delivers the highest performance. 


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