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When will vaccines be available for children under age 5

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Family is a blessing to all of us. Without family, our life is nothing. So, it is normal to see parents taking care of their children. In this Covid-19 pandemic era, the children’s health is one of the priorities for all of us. This is because their health is more delicate to take care of. They are more susceptible to Covid-19 infection because their body immunity is not matured enough to deal with the infection alone. This is why they need a booster in order to help increase their immunity function, and that booster is the Covid-19 vaccine (vaksin Covid 19). However, at the time of writing, there is still no news about the availability of Covid-19 vaccine for children under age 5. The question is, when will it be available for children under age of 5? Continue reading this article to know about the latest information and announcement regarding this matter.

Covid-19 virus has hit all of us real hard in many aspects of our lives. Besides, this virus also killed thousands of innocent lives since the day they were found. This is the main reason why this deadly virus is announced as a pandemic by the World Health Organization (WHO) in early 2020. The nature of Covid-19 virus is it is very deadly and can spread in just a short amount of time. The reason why people fear it so much is the fact that we want to protect each of our family members from this infection if possible. As an adult, it is our responsibility to protect the younger generation. For now, the answer for this chaos remains the Covid-19 vaccine.

In March 2020, it was announced that the vaccine developers will finish the development of the vaccine before the end of 2020. In early 2021, the Covid-19 vaccines such as Pfizer, Johnson & Johnson and Moderna are ready to be distributed to the people. Many countries in this world started to import the vaccine to be used by the people. They launched their own Covid-19 vaccination program in order to help smoothen the vaccine distribution process. At first, the vaccine was only available for the adults. This is due to the fact that it is not fully tested yet, so scientists still did not produce it for children use yet at that time. After several months of Covid-19 vaccination program, we learned about its effectiveness and also side effects. These vaccines are very effective in helping to fight this pandemic.

Due to this fact, the developers now started to make vaccines intended for the younger age group. In 2021, it is declared that Covid-19 vaccine is safe to be used for children more than 5 years old. The distribution of this vaccine for them has helped this generation to continue their study. Nowadays, they are able to go to school, meet their friends and live a normal student life again. Unfortunately, there is actually still no news about the availability of Covid-19 vaccine for children under 5 years old. This is due to the fact that we are still in the testing phase. Children’s immunity is not as strong as the adult, so this is the reason why scientists need to wait and do more research about Covid-19 vaccine availability for children under 5. For now, parents are advised to take good care of their children. Make sure to follow all the guidelines for Covid-19 pandemic such as frequent hand washing, avoiding large crowds, practice social distancing, clean your place, sanitize hands frequently and so on.

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