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What is the difference between Web Development and Web Design

by lucy martin
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Web development and web design are two types of work that involve developing a website. 

Web development is focused on creating the structure and functionality of a website. This includes developing the website’s code, designing the website’s layout and graphics, and testing the website’s functionality. Web design, on the other hand, is focused on creating the look and feel of a website. This includes designing the website’s logo, colors, and layout, as well as making the website’s content.

There are a few key differences between web design and web development.

Web Development:

-Develops websites from scratch, using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.

-Typically requires experience with programming languages such as PHP or Ruby on Rails.

-Can involve working with databases such as MySQL or MongoDB.

Web Design:

-Creates layouts and designs for websites using Photoshop or another graphic design program.

-May use prebuilt templates to speed up creating a website look and feel.

Looks after UI & UX

The similarity between Web Development and Web Design

Web design and web development are similar in that they both contribute towards creating a visually appealing and functional website. Web design is the process of planning, designing, and constructing the visual aspects of a website or interactive application. Web developers are responsible for coding web pages into HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and other programming languages.

Students that pursue the field of website design can advance and find greater possibilities. To learn how to market one properly, it is crucial to seek out knowledgeable web design jobs.

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Why do students seek Web Development and Web Design Assignment Help?

Web development assignment can be challenging for several reasons. Firstly, a lot of technical jargon is involved, which can be unfamiliar to some students. Secondly, the web development process is often complex and requires a good understanding of HTML and CSS.

Web Design tasks involve incorporating custom code into an existing website or developing new websites from scratch – all of which can be challenging for beginners. If you’re struggling with your current web development assignment, don’t worry – plenty of online resources will help you get started on your project successfully.

There are many reasons why students seek a professional web development and web design assignment help. Some students may not have the technical skills or knowledge to complete a task independently, while others may be intimidated by the complex process of creating a website.

Regardless of the reason, seeking professional assistance can ensure that your project is completed successfully and meets all expectations. In addition, having an expert review of your work can help you identify any errors or omissions in your design before they become apparent to other viewers.

Assignment Global is a company that provides experts for web design and web development assignment help to students. They provide complete assistance from start to finish, whether you need help with your first website or a complex web application. 

They have a team of experienced web designers who can assist you with all your web design needs. Their clients include universities and colleges. Their services are affordable and offer discounts for students.

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