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What is Carton Packaging? Folding Carton Packaging Explained.

by david2713miller
What is Carton Packaging? Folding Carton Packaging Explained.

Carton packaging is a trendy choice for product packaging.

To some extent, the wide range of box sizes and specifications is nearly unmatched by any other packaging method, which is why carton packaging is so popular.

However, what does it mean when we speak about carton packaging? In what way has the use and popularity of this type of packaging spread around the world? Do you know its current function?

Carton packaging is an essential part of a retail package’s structure, branding, and stability. So let’s take a look at how it all works.

What is Carton Packaging?

Paperboard (also known as cardboard) is folded and die-cut according to a box template to create cartons, which are versatile packaging boxes. Because paperboard cartons can only hold a few pounds, folding cartons are commonly used for lighter product packaging than corrugated packaging.

Carton boxes, folding cartons, paperboard cartons, & paperboard boxes are also commonly referred to as carton-packaging.

The History of Folding Cartons: Who originated Carton Packaging?

Charles Henry Foyle, an Englishman who invented the carton, invented foldable carton packaging in the late 1800s. As a piece of paper, it was cut to allow it to be folded into a custom box. Carton packaging was innovative for its time, but it lacked many of the features we take for granted today.

This is why it was common to use tacks and strings in order to keep carton boxes together, even though they could be folded in half. This was both expensive and time-consuming. In addition, because these boxes were so difficult to make, they were usually reserved for high-end items like jewelry.

As a result of Robert Gair’s printing press cutting through carton material, mass production of carton packaging began in 1879, catapulting carton packaging into the spotlight. After realizing the benefits of doing so, food and snack companies were among the first to use foldable boxes regularly.

The National Biscuit Company, better known as Nabisco today, was the first snack food company to use carton packaging.

How Is Carton Packaging Used Today?

In today’s world, carton packaging has found a place on store shelves around the globe. There are numerous benefits to using carton boxes in the design and presentation of your product’s packaging, including the following:

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Eco-Friendly Packaging

Customers in this day and age strive to be good stewards of the environment. Kraft paper, for example, is a recyclable material that can be purchased and used for packaging purposes.

More than 75% of the paper used in the manufacture of cartons is sourced sustainably and responsibly. As a result, using carton packaging boxes for your product packaging is a green move that enhances the image of both your brand and your company.

High Shelf Appeal

“High shelf appeal” refers to the attractiveness of a product’s packaging. Carton boxes that are well-designed and well-structured help establish your brand as synonymous with quality and consistency in the minds of your customers. In add-on, they give you plenty of room to display your company’s message.

To tell your story, highlight your product’s benefits or promote a special offer by using eco-friendly packaging, you can use your packaging design. The options are virtually limitless!

Carton Packaging Boxes of Various Types

There are a diversity of carton packaging options to choose from, each with its own set of advantages. For example, paperboard carton packaging is used to protect, store, and showcase a wide range of products, including food, beverage, cosmetics, supplements, and more.

Strength Packaging

Solid, dependable structural design is provided by strength packaging to help protect your product from compression. However, in spite of its rigidity, high-strength packaging is completely customizable and printable, allowing you to unleash your creative juices with this sturdy packaging.

Foldable Cartons

Traditional carton packaging is still a popular choice. You can fold foldable cartons by hand or automatic at high-speed machines depending on the quantity.


You can keep each item safe and stable while protecting the entire lot in one complete package if you’re selling several of an item together in a multipack. Canned goods, cereal, yoghurt, and other types of food are common examples.

Hybrid Packaging

Hybrid packaging allows for a “best of both worlds” combination of carton packaging features.

We have a variety of carton packaging options for you to choose from. To learn more about folding cartons, check out our comprehensive guide to carton boxes.

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Other Benefits Carton Packaging Offers

Like any other type of packaging, to enhance the product’s value, it holds uses a carton package.

In the past, we tack or tie down our cartons to keep jeweler and other valuables safe. Still, carton packages have increased in popularity and continue to be popular today with some adjustments, such as eco-friendly materials.

However, we can design foldable carton packaging in anyway. It doesn’t have to be in a box to work. It’s a great way to give your product a unique look and feel that sets it apart from the rest of the competition. In cosmetic packaging design, taking advantage of the large printable area on carton boxes is a smart idea and a great way to showcase the benefits of your product.

Carton Packaging Can Help Build Your Brand

We recognize that not everybody is an expert in the field of packaging.

Packaging is our passion, and we work tirelessly to produce designs that perfectly complement your product. Whether you have an outline in mind or not, we have a team of graphic artists who are capable of creating a design that perfectly reflects your brand, story, and message, as well as what sets you apart from your challengers.

A broad range of industries, products, and businesses of all sizes rely on us to design beautiful, memorable, and stylish packaging. Our experts can help you decide if paperboard boxes or other custom packaging is the best option for your business.

We bring decades of incorporated industry experience to bear on your behalf. Ensuring that your product gets into the hands of consumers as quickly as possible.

We can help you make your packaging genuinely stand out among the many styles and printing processes we offer. However, when it comes to selecting the suitable packaging material and design, there are many options to consider. It includes UV coating, foil stamping, and various types of glosses. This does not mean you must do it all on your own.

Having learned more about carton packaging boxes, why not get a free, no-obligation estimate on your printing. And packaging needs from the printing and packaging experts?

Using your perception and our expertise, we can create packaging that meets and exceeds your expectations.

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