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What are the components of SAP FI?

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Additionally, SAP FI is a component in SAP ERP that allows an organization to manage its functional data. Moreover, it makes financial data in a chart of accounts. All the transactions are recorded in sub-modules that can be recorded in real-time. Besides it, keeps all the business transactions in an unbroken trail from the financial statements to individual documents. Well, this article covers some of the highlighting points that relate to the introduction, components & scope that will guide you to acquire the training.


SAP FI refers to Financial Accounting that is uses to store an organization’s financial data. Moreover, it helps to analyze a company’s financial condition in the market. However, it is an important module of SAP ERP. Furthermore, it integrates with other SAP modules like SAP SD, SAP PP, SAP MM, SAP SCM, etc. All the data are available in real-time, through which the financial data can be accessed throughout the organizations. In the present scenario, SAP FI Online Training in Noida is hugely in demand, and obtaining its certification will bestow with lots of career benefits. On the other hand, all the transactions are posted to a financial accounting that automates the account. It integrates with SAP modules of material management, sales & distribution, project system, payroll, etc.

Let’s analyze the components of SAP FI

What are the Components of SAP FI?

Well, the SAP FI module is one of the most popularly useful modules for financials & accounting. Accounting tasks such as maintaining the ledgers, balance sheets, the statements of profit & loss that manages automatically by SAP ERP solutions. These modules help towards the assets management in the enterprise.

  • SAP General Ledges: – The major advantage is that it provides a system that manages all the external accounts of an organization. By recording all the business transactions of enterprises along with operational areas that manage SAP Accounting Modules.
  • SAP Accounts Payable & Receivable: – While these modules record all the components & data for SAP accounts receivable record all the components & data for the customers. Both, Balance Sheets & Account Statements are done by these modules.
  • SAP Banking Accounting: – Basically, these modules are useful to handle all bank accounting transactions. From managing the bank master data, cash balance management to processing incoming & outgoing payments everything manages by these modules only.
  • SAP Assets Accounting: – It designs to manage the fixed assets of an organization. It enables you to supervise your assets along with providing detailed information.
  • SAP Funds Management: – It supports all the tasks in creating & maintaining the budgets. Calculating the revenues, expenditure & funds adds to the list of SAP funds management.

To summarize SAP FI Accounting is the components that organize within an organization that records all the transactions related to assets, revenues & expenditures in an organized manner.

Highlighting the future scope of SAP FI:

In the present scenario, SAP is a software application that is high in demand & it provides enterprises with many IT solutions. It enhances the implementation of ERP. One must know the in-depth knowledge of SAP Financial Accounting that wants to make their career in this field. Overtime & experience, one can move up as a Senior Financial Consultant or Trainer. The salary for the fresher in India is around ₹247,000 to ₹4,50,000 & other than that, the bonus will be provided from ₹10,000 to ₹15,000. The opportunity for experienced employees in this field of finance & accounting increases.


 Overall, SAP FI plays an important role to increase business growth. However, it enables an organization to extend itself on a foundation of appropriate accounting channels. Moreover, it meets all the accounting & financial requirements of an organization. If you want to make your career in this field then SAP FI Training Institute in India provides training & certifications. Getting a certificate will not make you eligible to work, but along with this, you have to perform various roles such as Account & Finance Executive, Senior Analyst Programmer & many more.

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