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Ways to Ace the Persuasive Essay Format

by jasonlava
Persuasive Essay Format

An argumentative, or persuasive essay is all about intertwining logic and reasoning with fluid writing and rich vocabulary. When you are curating a persuasive essay, a must is to choose arguments and evidence with precision so that the audience would get swayed in your favour and get ready to accept your point of view. The best way to do this is to cut to the chase and be objective in what you deliver. A persuasive essay format is of prime importance, yet it is simple to follow. The first thing you do is choose a topic, then carry out your research to populate it with facts, and then deliver the sucker punch with a conclusion.


Point to Keep in Mind before Writing a Persuasive Essay


Research with Filter

The internet is a vast area where you can find 100 free essays, however, it does not mean that you need to use it all in your content. When you’re researching, keep it in mind that you need to keep your essay precise so that the audience does not lose interest midway. Segregate your research on the basis of relevance and take only that part that creates maximum impact.


Mind Your Tone

The art of persuasion is all about convincing, and not about imposing. Inculcate a mild tone that the audience feels comfortable to read, and give them food for that. Your essay should look like an essay, not a statute that needs to be complied with.


Be Original

Being original does not mean cooking up facts on your own. If you’re researching from a 100 free essays, then there is a chance that many facts would be incorrect, or have become incorrect from the time since when they were created. Cross-check the information and use your own words to sprinkle your essay with the originality it needs.

Choose a Topic of Interest

There is a chance that you won’t find ample information on the topic that you’re interested in, but it is better to write something that you love instead of cramming something else half heartedly. Be smart while choosing a topic as you are the one who is gonna finish it ultimately.


Follow the Pattern

You can be original with regard to the content, but please do follow the traditional pattern. First you need to make an attractive introduction, after that you need information rich content formatted to be easy on the eyes, finally create a conclusion which will sum it all up.


The Recommended Persuasive Essay Format

It does vary sometimes, might be as per the prescribed format of the institute or as per the demand of the reviewer, but the most famous format of a persuasive essay is:

  • Keep the word count somewhere close to whole numbers of content writing, like 500, 1000, 1500, or 2000;
  • The ideal font for essays like this is Times New Roman. Where the title is in 16 font size and the rest is in 12;
  • The spacing between the lines should be 1.5, which is neither too large to expand your content, nor too small to be hard on the eyes;
  • Don’t forget to align your text into justified. It looks formal and helps in creating a lasting impression.



A persuasive essay format is nothing that would bother you much. However, adjusting your content as per the specification needed, and balancing the facts with creativity is the factor which would prove to be a challenge. Take care of that aspect and you’re all set to persuade.


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