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Warm Up Your Life with The All-New Instant Hot Water Dispenser

Warm Up Your Life with The All-New Instant Hot Water Dispenser

by charlottesmith
Water Cooler Dispenser for Home

It is the middle of the night, and you find an urge to have a steaming hot bowl of soup, but the time and effort taken by your kettle to give you hot water is an annoyance. Our instant hot water dispenser is your savior, ready with instant hot, cold, ambient, and even sparkling water at the touch of a button. Revolutionize your cooking experience with our instant hot water dispenser, giving you the best results without the wait.

Our system provides instant, boiling water that you can use instantly to make ramen, eggs, broths, and every dish you want to whip up in the kitchen or even help you thaw out frozen foods.

A Better Cooking Experience with Our Instant Hot Water Dispenser

We help you save time and energy for your everyday hydration needs. Our system uses the best filtration system using industrial grade raw materials paired with naturally occurring materials, giving you unmatched filtration.

Enjoy effortless sparkling with instantly chilled sparkling water at the touch of a button—ready for your family gatherings and impromptu parties.

Healthier Habits with Our Instant Hot Water Dispenser

Be the change you want to see in the world. Now everyone can get involved in eliminating wasteful bottled beverages.

Our instant hot water dispenser gives you an endless source of clean refreshment that’s good for your body and good for the planet. Our touch screen display gives you complete control over your hydration needs.

We give you active monitoring over your filter status and even your CO2 levels, keeping any future upkeep hassle-free.

Our touch screen display also has built-in parental controls and lockouts that can be configured to help give parents added control, especially with those curious little minds running around the house.

We reduce your carbon footprint. We have an energy-saving sleep mode that works around your schedule, reducing energy consumption and helping the planet. Our vacation mode when you’re leaving town for a few days saves even more energy in the long run.

The touch screen display also gives you smart reminders and has an assortment of built-in wallpapers that match whatever mood suits you best. The best instant hot water dispenser is programmed in English, Spanish, French, and Dutch and is ready for the modern household no matter what language you speak.

Our system is also available in various colors, ranging from Mica warm grey with white pearl trim, and the Arctic is pearl white with blue trim. The Obsidian is charcoal with silver trim, and the Slate is an excellent grey color with silver trim.

Our entire ecosystem has been created to give you the best customer experience and ease of use. Any replacement filters or CO2 canisters bought at our online store are shipped directly to your door.

We also offer a refill and reuse policy that takes your old aluminum CO2 canisters that have run out and refills them for you, only charging you for the refill and not for another canister. It helps us reduce the pollution of empty CO2 canisters in the environment.

Our system gives you instant access to your favorite mocktails, cocktails, brews, and stews right at home. The best instant hot water dispenser is ready at any time for your guests to mix it up. Your imagination is your only limitation when brewing up new recipes with instant hot, cold, ambient, or even sparkling water at whatever temperature you desire.

We promote healthier habits for your entire family. Approximately 75% of adults are chronically dehydrated and often drink the wrong beverage to rehydrate. Instead of sugary and caffeinated drinks, give your body what it craves: good clean water.

The sad irony is that it takes 3 liters of water to make a single-use plastic bottle that can only store 1 liter of water. Every year in the USA, we waste more than 1.5 million barrels of oil in the manufacturing of plastic bottles.

The future of sustainable hydration is now, with each filter saving 2,800 bottles from landfills. A total of 500 pounds of CO2 emissions are saved from being released into the atmosphere with one of our filters. By switching to home hydration with our instant hot water dispenser, you help us save 85 gallons of oil and 8,400 liters of water with each filter. Make the switch to being more sustainable for the entire planet and your future generations.

Every year, we waste countless amounts of energy and fossil fuels in manufacturing and transporting plastic bottles that do not end up in the recycling centers. Eight million tons of plastic are tossed into our oceans annually, creating toxic garbage patches the size of a few American states and some small nations.

The effort to go green starts at home by being more sustainable with our home hydration system

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