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Types of Pre-Employment Medical Exam

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Pre Employment Medical Exam

Starting a new position has always been exciting and interesting. It was easy for people to get employed back in time, but now, the states have introduced numerous guidelines into the system. 

All those seeking to get employed in patient-centered professions must get their pre-employment medical exam done to ensure that they are medically fit for the job and will do complete justice to it. 

Usually, all employers these days ask job seekers to clear their pre-employment physicals and other exams. The sole reason for this is to ensure whether you are qualified to perform the duties laid by the employer or not. 

Let us know more about the pre employment medical exam in the sections mentioned below to make people aware. 

Pre-employment Medical Exam 

As it is only recently that the state has made it compulsory for employers to clear their pre-employment medical exam, not many people are aware of what it is actually. 

Before leaving your existing job and resigning from there, it is better to go through the new job’s rules and guidelines. Make sure to clear your pre-employment exam and receive a formal offer letter from the employer. 

Types of pre-employment medical exams 

The kind of pre-employment medical examination you’ll undergo depends upon the job you are applying for. For instance, if you are applying for drivers and pilots, the drug test will be mandatory. 

Likewise, there are many diverse kinds of pre-employment exams to confirm your competency for the particular job. Here are some kinds of popular exams. 

Drug screening 

One popular type of test conducted is drug screening. The test happens by taking hair, urine, and saliva samples. Whether you take some drugs or not is confirmed by the drug screening test. 


An X-rays test is also done to check whether the candidate has broken bones, tumors, fractured bones, or abnormal growths, as this can affect your performance at work. 

Blood test

Some employers also take your blood test to determine several types of things. Blood tests do not confirm one thing but several things all at once. By way of a blood test, employers check your cholesterol, diabetes, hepatitis screening, and others. Anemia and other kinds of conditions can be easily detected through blood tests. 

Women and men have different tests when it is about confirming their abilities for diverse employment. Women undergo breast exams, whereas men get screened for testicular exams and prostate cancer. 

What to expect during a pre-employment medical exam? 

A pre-employment medical exam is similar to your annual check-up. The only difference is that the pre-employment medical exam is demanding, whereas the annual check depends on people’s discretion. 

During the pre-employment medical exam, the professional medical checks your essentials such as heart rate, blood pressure, and respiratory rate. Besides this, the abdomen, neuromuscular system, lungs, and other things are also checked to confirm your overall health status. 

Final Thoughts 

Without any doubt, people must qualify for their pre-employment medical exam if they are truly interested in getting the job. For this, you also have to do the paperwork to let the medical professional know your medical history. If you have any allergies or diseases, you can only make it clear to the physician in advance. Visit Wilmington Urgent Care and Family Clinic now to get your medical exam done. 

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