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Top 6 Ways To Ensure Home Security During Summers

by amydav

Usually, summer is that time of the year when people relax, slow down, or head out of town for a long vacation with friends, family, or loved ones. So, naturally, they let down their guards and tend to become oblivious about the basic home security rules. Just because you are relaxed and chill, it doesn’t imply that criminals are on holiday too.

While you plan to go on vacations and do road trips, thieves also plan their actions accordingly. What they do is observe the usual comings and goings, keep a watchful eye on which houses have easy access compared to others, and check if they have any home security monitoring.

Best Ways to Stay Secure during summers :

Well…don’t panic. We can help you and your home stay safe against intruders. We are laying a checklist that might come in handy to make sure that your home, possessions and property are safely kept from any kind of malicious intentions of people. Let us check them out:

  • Stay careful about the spare keys

Oftentimes, homeowners tend to keep a spare key somewhere near the house on the off chance they get locked out or lose the original key. However, it sometimes means putting home security at risk. Therefore, it is important to stay alert about the location of the key and who knows about it. The usual locations are the mailbox and under the doormat. So, it is recommended not to keep the keys there.

You can get something that will blend with your key into the environment; it can be a false rock or garden gnome. If you don’t want to keep spare keys, you can also incorporate locking systems that need a security code that only family members get to know about. If the code is used for a long time, and there is a threat of other people knowing it, there is also an option to change it periodically.

  • Lock Up

Whether you are going to a beach up the road or just a picnic at a local park, locking up your home is of utmost importance. This also includes doors, windows, and garages.

Oftentimes, homeowners are under the false impression that the neighbours are out and about since it is summer and the house is safe from burglars. Regardless of whether you are going out for an hour or a week, make sure to lock all the windows and doors. Though closing the windows might seem counterintuitive if the home doesn’t have air conditioning, the emotional and financial toll of a burglary is worse than a stifling house upon return.

  • Install security systems and cameras

Even if you are living in a place with a fairly low crime rate, it doesn’t imply that you will let your guard down. Many people still have anxiety and worry about keeping their valuable possessions and family members safe from intruders. Installing a security alarm system with surveillance technology is one of the best ways for achieving peace of mind. With this system, the central monitoring station will monitor your home 24/7, so on the off chance your home is broken into, their team will take immediate action.

  • Don’t post about your location on Social media

Don’t tell anyone about your whereabouts by chatting with friends or on social media. Try your best not to post anything that will give away the fact that you are not home at a certain point in time.

If you are interested in posting about your life on social media accounts, it is recommended to do it after you are back from a vacation or an event. But, unfortunately, your home becomes an easy target for intruders when you advertise it in advance.

  • Make such an impression that your home looks lived in

Whether you are going for a vacation across the country or to a departmental store for a quick shopping trip, make your home look lived in. All you have to do is set up automatic lights and timers to make the home look like it has people in it.

Some also go to the extent of installing some smart technology in their home, while some hire a home site while they are out.

These are some of the ways you can ensure home security efficiently.


Installing a security alarm system with surveillance technology is one of the best ways to achieve peace of mind. Your home will be monitored 24/7 at a central monitoring station with efficient technology.


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