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Tips On Moving to Nashville

by stank122

Why does Nashville attract new residents all the time? There are several factors: the broad job market, the developed music industry, and the home of the country loved by many people worldwide. Extremely lively atmosphere and communicative natives motivated to be easy-going and smile create a good living place. So, perhaps you are an adventurous, active person if you consider moving to this city. Cargo van rental Nashville is a useful method to transport your goods from the airport or another comfortable location in the city to your new apartments and shop around for new home stuff such as a wardrobe or washing machine without time frames. The Ford Transit Passenger van will take youб your family and even friends to a particular place with maximum comfort because the salon is spacious and has a place for baggage. Although the Dodge Ram has a separate area for luggage, it can accommodate eight people. Both of them are good examples and are available for car rental. You can learn the cheap van rental guide below to avoid the extra fee.

How to rent a van cheaper 

After the reading, you may think that tips are elementary, and you will be right. This is about only your attention. Five essential tips can help you to economize:

  1. Gas policy of car rental companies. Seems to be valuable, but at the most, it is just a way of cheating for a bigger charge, especially when you return the car with an empty tank. It must be filled at the end of the trip if you don’t want to waste money. 
  2. Insurance. You get car insurance free from your credit card (pay only when using) or cover the risks with your own insurance. Buying the policy from the rental company is not so valuable and expensive.
  3. Extra: GPS, radio, baby seat, road assistance. Firstly, you must pay a day fee for that and secondly, you can find it on your phone.
  4. Rewarding program (credit/debit card) and membership (AAA, Hertz) discounts. 
  5. Book online. Compare the prices and find the most suitable variant. 

Three reasons to move to Nashville

How many facts do you know about Nashville besides music background? We collected the most popular aspects which are interesting for people who want to move for permanent address:

  1. The cost of living is lower than the national average by about 3%. Communal services are 10% lower; monthly rent is low but becomes higher over the years. In general, the city is affordable, but residents spend a lot on food and rent, so that is a reason to eat home food and find a reasonable house for renting. 
  2. The system of education is developed well. Nashville is famous for numerous universities, schools, and alternative schools like internationals or charter schools. Families have an excellent opportunity to take a qualitative education for children. 
  3. Sports. There are five professional sports teams, so we have enough games to watch. Even if you are not a fan, it is worth your attention. 

Things to know before you move

  • Who won’t like this city despite the advantages? Of course, vegetarians, because Nashville is a homeland of hot chicken. It is fried meat with a spicy sauce of cayenne pepper and lard. This dish is included in almost any restaurant menu on every street corner. Anyway, it doesn’t mean that vegetarians can’t live here, but it is a bit difficult for them.  
  • Fastest Internet? It is about Nashville. Friends from other states will envy you. There are a lot of tech companies and robust coverage of Google Fiber. 
  • Excellent weather and temperature. A lot of calm days and mild seasons – short winter, prolonged spring, and lovely fall. You can enjoy the walk in the park, picnic with family, outdoor concerts almost all the time. 

Things to do in Nashville

They can be good for a study visit or after your move. Broadway is necessary to attend at least once – it is the neon heart of Downtown. On the day, it is a place for shopping and having coffee, but Broadway turns on the night mode in the evening and transforms into a world of live music from pubs and entertainment (karaoke, riding a mechanical bull, or dance). Tennessee State Prison doesn’t look like a modern prison at all. Majestic medieval castle loved by movie directors was shown in films, but in reality, it seems pretty scary as its history. You can book the tour to see it inside, and such an excursion exactly will be hair-raising. An unusual place with solid energy will affect you for a long time. Gaylord Opryland Resort and Convention Center is an extraordinary hotel where you can relax, enjoy the spa, go on a boat tour through the indoor jungles, and do more things like gym or golf. That’s an exciting experience, considering that you can have an adventure at any time of day or night. 

We hope that now you know what to do and start making plans. Wish you a safe road and a successful move. 


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