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The Valley Of Flowers National Park

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The Valley Of Flowers National Park

Valley of Flowers is located close to Badrinath (in Chamoli district ) of Uttarakhand about 300 kilometers from north Rishikesh. This is usually a stunning park that reveals the beauty of the Western Himalayas. The stunning location was discovered in 1931 and could be classified as a World Heritage Site for its wild, natural and unspoiled flowers, which are surrounded by mountains of white and high peaks.

It is said that the Valley of Flowers trek is one of India’s most sought-after treks in the Himalayas. Even those who haven’t relocated to the Himalayas have heard of it. Valley of Flowers trek. There’s a reason for Valley of Flowers’ famed popularity. It’s one of India’s most well-known treks. Now no need to worry about the pin codes, You can now easily find the current location pin code.

The Garhwal region of Uttarakhand

What will you love the most? Valley Of Flowers Trek?

The main reason to think about and keep in mind the hike is the stunning valley in itself. Once you are at the beginning of the valley, you will be greeted by a beautiful carpet laid across the. The valley measures a minimum of a couple of kilometers wide and is more than 10 kilometers in length.

A tiny path between flowers lets you explore further and further. Then you begin to see an array of flowers. Not just in colors but also in shapes, sizes, and textures. They also come in scents. A few steps will take you to a totally new kind of flower.

You’re wondering who got these here. What was the reason for the variation? It was fascinating to discover the vast nature change and the shifting vegetation. You’ll stand near the flowering plants, then sit on them, or lay down on the small exposed trail and try to immerse yourself in the experience and feel a part of the many flowers that are scattered throughout the valley.

A cool mountain breeze that came from the colder end of the valley infused the scents of the valley. 

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The climb up to Hemkund Sahib

Valley Of Flowers could be an easy hike, but the climb up to Hemkund will test you to the next stage. This not only presents an entirely new challenge but it also leads you to a beautiful area which you’d never imagined.

It is a joy to enter into the mountains while you climb up to Hemkund. It’s almost like getting an unobstructed look at Ghangaria. You’ll see where you’ve come from as well as where you’ve been earlier in the day. The bird’s eye view provides the best perspective for views of landscapes.

The cultural experience that you receive

This national park is more than an excursion. Together with a journey through the beautiful valley, it offers a fascinating experience of faith and religion that was performed by human beings. Children, middle-aged elderly people, kids, and toddlers as they hike to the lake, which is 14,000 feet.

Many people rely on the help of horses or porters, but a lot of them rely on their own initiative. It was very uplifting to work with volunteers to sweep every part of the trail to keep it clean and take care of Hemkund Sahib Gurdwara in freezing temperatures. It was truly a wonderful sensation to wake up in Ghangaria in the early morning to the sounds of the parade that are part of Sikh Gurudwara. The trek will show you the world you’d never be able to see.

Best hotels to stay in The Valley of Flowers, India

Valley of Flowers doesn’t offer facilities for accommodation within the park. You can also find hotels and hostels within Ghangaria.

The most delicious restaurants to dine in

The park has no alternatives for eating. It’s recommended to pack enough food to last the duration of your journey. Ghangaria is where you can find hotels and restaurants.

The best time to visit is during in the Valley of Flowers

The ideal moment to visit The Valley of flowers is additionally stated. Valley of Flowers Valley of Flowers presents a distinct look from day to day when it is accessible between May and September. There are no villages for humans in the park, and grazing is completely prohibited.

The Valley can be accessed starting the final week of May, after the melting of the snow. Once the snow melts and the monsoons start the plants start to blossom in August and July. As September approaches, plants steel self-contained for more than eight months of winter hibernation. In September, at the beginning of the month, the valley is covered in snow.

The timings for opening and closing of the valley

The Valley of Flowers opens every day at 7:00 am and therefore the last entry will be permitted until the time of 2:00 pm. You’d like to leave the valley before 5 pm and arrive at the entry point at 6.45 so make sure you get your entry ticket as quickly as you can and be in the valley early, preferably by 7.00 am. The return journey should start at 1.30 pm, so you can return by 5.00 at night.

Valley of Flowers may be an impressive and beautiful park that is located in the West Himalayas. Therefore, it’s often regarded as one of the easiest tourist attractions in India. Make plans for your next journey to India and enjoy this stunning Park!


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