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The Ultimate Shopping Guide for Men’s Underwear

by kanishatater
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They say that it’s what’s on the inside that matters. This formula applies to any man’s dressing sense as well. It’s what’s inside -the underwear, that affects how comfortable and confident you feel in the skin. After all, the man’s underwear is his second skin to him. 

However, it has been a long since most men continue wearing the same underwear of style since high school -almost every day. While some prefer hanging out in the comfort of boxers, others might be obsessed with the flattering styles of briefs. However, according to popular belief, it is recommended to switch between multiple styles of men’s underwear -including Mudbond Innerwear. You can make the switch depending on what you are dressing up for ever-changing demands.  

Understanding Different Types of Underwear for Men 

As your boxers might be too much fabric to work effectively with your well-fitted trousers or briefs might be too less fabric to create problems related to thigh chafing while working out, it is recommended to choose the right underwear for men to suit your style, comfort, and preferences.  

To help you ensure that your underwear game always remains on point, here is a guide to different styles of underwear and when you should wear them. 

Briefs for a Comfortable Fit 

Briefs are known to feature the conventional Y fit design for delivering greater support and comfort throughout. They are helpful in offering the perfect snug fit -even with the minimal coverage on the front. With proper men’s briefs, you are less vulnerable to bunching up between the thighs. This is because these underwear pieces function effectively with low-rise denims and well-trimmed pants or trousers. 

Briefs are also regarded as great options for men featuring fuller thighs. It is a great option for professionals whose jobs would demand longer sitting hours. With leading brands for men’s innerwear like Mudbond Innerwear, you can effectively step up from the regular cotton pieces while trying out top-quality briefs made out of combed cotton yarns. This will offer your body the extra buttery and smooth feeling along with advanced moisture-absorbing qualities.  

Trunks for the Best of All Worlds 

Trunks are the personal favorites of most men out there. It known to offer the flattering comfort and snug of briefs along with the easy silhouette of a classic man’s boxer. These innerwear pieces come forth with a tapered fit of a boxer while sitting just right on your hips. Therefore, these serve as excellent choices to pair well with almost any bottom wear -including chinos, trousers, pants, and even shirts that are required to be tucked in. 

Trunks are available in different size options -including short, mid, and long. These are, therefore, one of the most versatile designs of men’s innerwear in the modern era. You can opt for ultra-soft trunks from Mudbond Innerwear available in a myriad of colors, patterns, and sizes. Crafted out of rich super-soft cotton material, these stylish trunks for men are assured to deliver all-day, long-lasting comfort. 

Boxer Briefs for Added Comfort 

The classic underwear style for men that remains somewhere between trunks and boxer shorts is the boxer brief. These innerwear pieces sit perfectly on your waist while delivering a highly relaxed fitting throughout. Boxer briefs are excellent for men featuring fuller hips as they offer maximum coverage in a relatively manageable length.  

Owing to the exceptionally great coverage and support, boxer briefs complement perfectly well with almost all types pleated bottoms and relaxed fits. You can choose the ones available in cotton. Otherwise, you can also choose boxer briefs that are available in a lightweight and soft fiber while delivering maximum stretch and elasticity. 

Boxer Shorts for Optimum Breathability 

Men’s boxer shorts deliver maximum coverage along with unmatched comfort. Therefore, these innerwear pieces are well-suited to be worn during the summer season. It is also well-suited for your sleeping routine. With a boxer short, you can attain maximum breathability and movement while offering a commando feel. 

Boxers tend to be loose. Moreover, they can also bunch up while offering minimal support. Therefore, you should avoid wearing these with loose pants or trousers. You can add a touch of zing to your boxer collection with quirky options available online at Mudbond Innerwear. Made out of top-quality cotton or lightweight material, boxer shorts will be a great experience to put up during the summer season. 

Mid-trunks for Your Comfortable Workouts 

It is yet another underwear piece that is ideal to be worn as you work-out. It is because mid-sized trunks offer greater support while keeping the assets in proper place. Moreover, this innerwear piece is breathable enough to keep up with the intense workout sessions.  

In most cases, you will be recommended by the trainer to wear proper support while working out in the gym. Still, even when you are doing yoga at home, you can put up a pair of classic mid-trunks to ensure the right fit as well as easy movements throughout. You can invest in a good quality of comfortable mid-trunks by leading brands like MudBond Innerwear to make sure that you have an odor-free workout session.  


Choosing the right men’s underwear matters! An underwear for men is the most commonly worn clothing item in the closet. Therefore, wearing the perfect one with the right fit and fabric should be your topmost priority.  

Men mostly have concerns regarding switching their styles of underwear. However, when you make the switch to a more comfortable and lightweight variant, your life will change for good!
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